15 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology Programs for 2019

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A Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes theories and principled of both clinical and behavioral, as well as organizational psychology. On its own, Psychology—also termed practical psychology or Psychotechnics—deals with the human mind, consciousness, behavior, mental structures, and functions. As a general term, it is said to be the science of mental life that deals with the structural, functional, genetic, and social aspects of the science.

Applied Psychology is one of the most prominent subfields of Psychology, Students of Online Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology are taught to use scientific methods to develop answers and address practical issues concerning human behavior.

The job outlook for Applied Psychology majors is predicted to increase over the year as a wide range of industries requires professionals in the field. It is the first step for students to become professionals in the field of mental health, education or business. Upon earning the degree, they become key players in the marketing and advertising industries. They pay attention to consumer demographics and secure a successful campaign.

What is the difference between Psychology and Applied Psychology?
Applied Psychology lays more emphasis on the scope of everyday issues such as health, workplace, and education, as well as technology and psychological science rehabilitation. AP research centers around improving real-world affairs.

Most importantly, Applied Psychology degree holders become members of the police force and land criminal justice professions. Many Applied Psychology experts assist in solving cases and prosecuting offenders.



We cataloged the 15 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology Programs for 2019, featuring the colleges and universities offering web-based platforms for earning the degree. We highlight how these online schools adhere to the same standards as most brick-and-mortar degree programs, only with accelerated completion and flexible scheduling options. We emphasize each online Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology Program’s courses, quality of instruction, student-to-teacher ratio, and credit hour requirements. The schools were listed in random order based on the following considerations:

  • 100% Online or Hybrid formats, ease of credit transfers, prepares students for earning a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology,
  • Curriculum designed to teach the foundations of Applied Psychology, including Health Psychology, Abnormal Behavior, and Lifespan Development, among many others,
  • Psychological studies focusing on all needs: Physical, Social and Psychological aspects of human behavior and its effects on business environments and personal relationships,
  • Encourages personal growth through studies in Applied Psychology, as well as, community outreach involvement,
  • Proper Regional Accreditation,
  • Financial Aid options, including Grants, Military Discounts, Scholarship opportunities, as well as, Work Tuition Assistance programs,
  • Meets curriculum standards required by the American Psychological Association,
  • Diverse Elective and/or Concentrations tailored to fit your career choice in Psychology,
  • Provides Internship opportunities to gain real-world experience,
  • Improves research, data and analysis capabilities.

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Regis University

Online Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology

regis university

Regis University offers a rigid Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology degree emphasizing how psychological theories are applied in modern times. The university follows a Jesuit-based education with a traditional and innovative teaching approach. You can apply to the program online with the assistance of admissions counselors. A total of 120 credit hours are required for degree completion, 45 of which are core credits.

The minimum requirements consist of a high school diploma or equivalent, transferable credit (if applicable), and evidence of work experience. Earn marketable skills when you enroll in Regis University’s BS Applied Psychology online.

Oregon Institute of Technology

Online Applied Psychology Program

oregon institute of technology

With a strong core curriculum, Oregon Tech’s Applied Psychology program is at par with the standards set by the American Psychological Associations (APA). It highlights the practical application of psychological knowledge and skills while exploring the subjects of Developmental, Abnormal, Social, Cognitive, and Counseling psychologies, as well as Behavior Modification, Research Methods, and more. However, both core and elective courses follow a skills-based approach, which allows students to apply their knowledge to real-world situations specifically.

Students must complete 67 credit hours to graduate. Among the 67 total credits, 54 of which are elective courses.

Bryan College – Dayton

Fully Online Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology Program

bryan college dayton

Bryan College in Dayton in Tennessee is one of the state’s premier online colleges that offer a fully online Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology program. Students evaluate human behavior through the Christian lens. Earning a BS in Applied Psychology from Bryan College is an assurance that students are prepared and trained for a variety of professions and industries. The course follows a six-week accelerated format and requires 124-hour attendance to graduate. Once you enroll, you can transfer your life experience to earn college credits. Tuition is also very competitive.

Liberty University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

liberty university

Liberty University delivers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Psychology that marries contemporary and practical psychological theories with extensive coursework. Liberty University’s online BS Psychology program follows an eight-week course schedule and accepts up to 75% of the degree total as transfer credits. The university supports an in-depth approach to the practical application of evaluation techniques to determine and assess neurotic and psychotic behavior. A total of 120 credit hours and three credit hours of internship are required for graduation. Another feature of the program is its focus on educational advancement, as the university encourages their graduates to invest in higher education.

Florida International University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

florida international university

Florida International University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is an extensive program that offers excellent training for students to understand human behavior. The program is focused on using scientific research methods and rigorously applying the same to digest the current trends in Psychology. Students may choose to focus on one of the five sub-disciplines, including Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Applied Psychology Personality/Abnormal Psychology, or Developmental Psychology. You are required to pass a total of 12 credits of vital prerequisites to secure further admission. The course requires 120 credit hours for graduation.

Azusa Pacific Online University

Fully Online Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology

azusa pacific university

Azusa Pacific Online University (APU) offers a fully online Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology. The university’s online School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences encourages students to engage in social work, which involves the many principles of Applied Psychology as a discipline. Students can apply their knowledge and skill set into their day-to-day interactions. The BA Applied Psychology program is highly customizable, allowing degree majors to choose from clinical psychology, counseling, and human resource management for their concentration. For degree completion, students need to complete 60 major degree credits and 60 general studies or electives.

University of Wyoming

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

university of wyoming

The University of Wyoming prepares students for a wide range of careers in various industries. Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology students have access to academic advising and a straightforward degree plan to ensure degree completion in four years. They are taught classic and contemporary empirical and research-based approach to understanding psychology and human behavior. BS Psychology students can major in  Biological Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Neuroscientific Psychology, and Social Psychology. Gain strong training in scientific research and apply all aspects of the discipline in statistical analyses.

Florida Tech Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology

florida tech online

Through the Florida Tech Online, you learn psychological theories and principles that apply to business, health, law, and education. The university’s Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology integrates a scientific-based approach to understanding human behavior with the general liberal arts curriculum. Students in the third and fourth year can choose an elective or a concentration, including Child Advocacy, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Organizational Psychology. The course requires students to earn a total of 121 credit hours to graduate. Become a professional in the field with a strong foundational knowledge of the practical solutions to organizational problems facing both individuals and the organization.

Belhaven University

Online Bachelors of Arts in Applied Psychology

belhaven university

Belhaven University offers a fully online Bachelors of Arts in Applied Psychology that introduces students to the study of human behavior and mental health processes, all under the context of the Christian worldview. The university prepares students for academic advancements and substantial career potential. A degree in BA Applied Psychology at Belhaven requires the completion of 124 credit hours, including two 3-credit Psychology electives, to secure graduation.

Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with an Applied Psychology Concentration

southern new hampshire university

Southern New Hampshire University’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with an Applied Psychology concentration is a perfect choice for those who are involved in business or human resource. SNHU’s Psychology program centers on psychological theories and approaches as applied in the workforce. It aims to develop and integrate classic concepts in the field of psychology into the current real-world problems. The concentration in Applied Psychology puts great emphasis on the human behavior when exposed in various environments. Graduates of the program choose to pursue higher education after completing the required 120-course credits.

Franklin University

Online Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology

franklin university

Franklin University’s Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology is a credit transfers-friendly program that focuses on developing the means to help people leverage their skills to reach personal and corporate success. The university’s Applied Psychology program provides students with hands-on experience on how to improve organizational performance. A total of 120 semester hours are needed to graduate.

Purdue Global University

Online Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis Program

purdue university

Purdue Global University offers various undergraduate Psychology degrees including an online Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis program. The degree utilizes an in-depth understanding of human behavior and learning patterns. This observational technique is useful in devising behavioral interventions and attaining success in change management. Purdue’s Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA is proven to be an effective strategy in treating individuals with behavioral disorders. After completing the required 180-credit hours, students are expected to have gained the knowledge and skills to address complex behavior, devise a solution for social problems, and moderate relationships between people and communities.

Walden University

Online Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Psychology

Walden University

Walden University offers an online Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Psychology and degree holders in this field are equipped with the knowledge and skills of the psychological development at all stages of human life. These qualifications are significant in assessing human behavior and are key to diagnosing common psychological disorders. With a total of 181 quarter credits, graduates are sure to gain improved abilities in research, statistics, and analysis. The credits are outlined below:

  • General education courses (46 cr.)
  • Core courses (35 cr.)
  • Concentration courses (25 cr.)
  • Psychology elective courses (10 cr.)
  • Elective courses (65 cr.)

Through an extensive curriculum, students are required to complete courses including Childhood and Adolescence, Human Development, Adulthood, Cognitive Psychology, and Psychological Disorders to name a few.

Loyola University Chicago

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology Offered Online

loyola university chicago

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology offered online at the Loyola University Chicago provides a business-centric approach to the application of psychological concepts and theories. Loyola University has an extensive online curriculum covering social psychology, personality studies, as well as industrial psychology. This specific concentration was designed for those with careers in leadership and management in mind. After completing a total of 120-credit hours, graduates of the program are prepared to take on jobs that center on employee relations, training, coaching, and employee motivation and productivity.

Gwynedd Mercy University

Fully Online Two-Year Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology

gwynedd mercy university

Gwynedd Mercy University offers a fully online two-year Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology. The program aims to equip students with basic counseling skills. They gain an in-depth theoretical understanding of how Psychology, in general, functions. This is the first step to getting a good grasp of the concentration. GMercyU is geared toward developing learned and compassionate individuals in the helping professions. Graduates can use their skills to enhance their performance in whatever industry they choose to be part of. They can aid in the human and social services aspect of their organization for a more productive and mentally healthy workplace.



fully online two-year Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology

Why choose online Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology?

bachelor in applied psychology online

The field of human services is on experiencing tremendous growth, leading to more opportunities for students who have earned a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Psychology. The time is ripe for taking advantage of the new roles made available to those who are seeking to gain expertise in understanding the human personality. Based on the data presented by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Psychology-related career opportunities are predicted to grow through the year 2024. With promising career paths on the horizon, choosing a degree in Applied Psychology is the perfect foundation for your professional life.

What do students learn in an online degree in Applied Psychology?

bachelor in applied psychology online

Students of Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology is a great stepping stone for a career in the fields of education, business, community service, leadership and management, and mental health care. The curriculum for the program will cover the necessary foundational areas in Psychology, including behavioral, cognitive, developmental, organizational and social psychology. Those who major in the field have the opportunity to review core case studies and become acquainted with the best practices in research methods.

What can you do with a Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology?

bachelor in applied psychology online

After completing the required credit hours of the program, graduates may find employment in various industries including business, community service, management, leadership, mental health care, and education. Degree holders can become behavior and behavioral disorder specialists, substance abuse experts, mental health counselors, human resources managers, or market research analysts. Professionals in this field are very hands-on with the behavioral issues that affect patients. Also, they have to develop individualized treatment plans and find a way to support patients during treatment. Human resource and market research analysis careers deal with the dynamics of the workplace.

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