Our Ranking Methodology

At, we work diligently to provide you with the most up-to-date and informative data available from our sources. However, from our own perspective, we use the following methodology:

This information is based on the programs online availability and the format used, such as asynchronous, synchronous or hybrid options. Online programs must be easy to follow, as well as, provide flexibility and convenience. Each school must also have satisfactory retention rates.

Most programs provide additional services to their students; therefore, this comparative information is based on a school’s success rates regarding career counseling services, job placement rates after graduation and other essential services to ensure a student’s success, in addition to, enhancing their educational needs.

All reputable schools must adhere to proper accreditations and certain requirements for program admission. This portion of evaluation focuses on acceptance rates and other factors that a school program must adhere to while optimizing the student’s experience.

*All information is cited from the unbiased, independent’s College Navigator.
* To ensure our rankings methodology cannot be duplicated without our knowledge, certain aspects of the calculations have been withheld. For more in-depth calculations and criteria, please contact us at the e-mail address provided below.
*Our sponsored schools are paid advertisements that are not affiliated with our site’s individual school rankings. They are clearly emphasized by the word “SPONSORED” so our readers are not confused with what our methodical research and rankings by our site editors and researchers as compared to the independently sponsored schools that pay for their placement on our site. For more information regarding our rankings or our sponsored schools, please email us at

Our mission here at is just one step in providing you with the best information possible to assist you in choosing an online program that suits your needs. Rest assured, while we strive to bring you accurate and helpful information, we recommend that you visit each individual school’s website, as well, to help you in your selection. Each school is happy to fulfill your request for additional information!

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