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Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Accounting

Earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Accounting will afford you many opportunities, anywhere from entry-level positions to management positions. However, if you wish to focus on a specialization such as, becoming a Certified Public Accountant or owning your own accounting firm, your degree program will give you the needed knowledge to do so, no doubt.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Animation Degree Programs

bachelor's in animationAnimation is a field that focuses on developing content through designing and composing art-related multimedia content. Online bachelor’s degrees in Animation serve as artistic training grounds for students with an eye for hand drawing or technology-assisted design and illustration. Animation majors are exposed to manual, computer and interactive techniques and perspectives for composition and design. Training usually involves visual effects in storytelling, gaming, and other platforms.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology

applied psychology AP

A Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes theories and principled of both clinical and behavioral, as well as organizational psychology. On its own, Psychology—also termed practical psychology or Psychotechnics—deals with the human mind, consciousness, behavior, mental structures, and functions. As a general term, it is said to be the science of mental life that deals with the structural, functional, genetic, and social aspects of the science.



Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Art History

Art History is a well-respected field of study that is often the precursor to careers in education, law, and other such prestigious areas. Students in this degree learn the myriad of ways that history and culture has been influenced by artistic expression. This coursework gives individuals a unique lens into the nature of the human spirit, from prehistoric eras to modern day pieces of work. Students study mediums of all kinds and learn to finely identify artists and works of art.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Biology

The exciting field of biology… it’s a diverse field that can cover a variety of career choices. Although limited, online Bachelor of Biology degree programs can be located, however, some are considered hybrid programs meaning that some coursework, such as, lab and project assignments may need to be completed on-campus.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Today’s world of business is ever-changing, however, one thing is consistent… the need for Business Administrators. Business leaders must be familiar with the new technology and advancements to efficiently streamline modern office practices. By earning an online Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree, you can learn the skills needed to achieve the position you desire in any type of industry that interests you.



Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Business Analytics

business analytics

Online Bachelor’s in Business Analytics is designed for students who want to pursue careers in the areas of business and information systems. The coursework usually deals with analytics, programming, and data mining. Students are trained on how to gather, manage, analyze and interpret large data.

Business Analytics combines quantitative business principles and computer software applications used for determining and assessing significant business information.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

computer engineering
Computer Engineering is considered a rapidly growing field with global demand for degree holders and professionals. As such, earning a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering almost always guarantees a high return on investment, enabling graduates to make significant contributions to industries where their experience, skills, and knowledge are required. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering offered online provides flexibility for adult learners with work commitments who wish to advance academically and improve their skills.

Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems

bachelor's in computer information systems

In this immersive technology and information-focused era, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems presents a world of opportunities for students and graduates. This degree program with a distance learning option applies the practical and technical principles of computer technology to businesses and organizations.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Science

An online Bachelor of Computer Science degree provides graduates with a world of opportunities. Anywhere a computer is being used, no doubt, a computer science graduate had a hand in the details. In this day and time, computers are everywhere, therefore, a student’s future in computer engineering is bright and jobs are plentiful.




Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Systems and Network Administration

computer systems network administrator

Obtaining an online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems and Network Administration gives network administrators more chances at succeeding professionally. The program curriculum, which strongly emphasizes computer science and information technology, produces graduates that are adept in operations management, systems analysis and, network security. They may involve general computer science classes that students may take before their networking-specific coursework.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Construction Management

Through an online Bachelor’s degree program that focuses on a career in construction management, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed in building, as well as, the business aspects of construction management. You will learn how to manage and complete complex projects.




Best Online Schools For Bachelor’s in Corrections

corrections officerOnline Bachelor’s Degrees in Corrections programs vary across distance learning institutions. Different factors affect a school’s curriculum. Some programs allow Corrections majors to choose or customize their specialization. They can either specialize in homeland security, social justice, crime mapping, forensics, and community-based corrections. These will further distinguish graduates as they enter the workforce after completing the degree.


Best Online Schools For Bachelor’s in Crime Scene Investigation

crime scene investigator
Gone are the days when the criminal justice system would heavily and even solely depend on eyewitness testimonies to solve crimes. Today, a Bachelor’s Degree in Crime Scene Investigation introduces future crime experts to state-of-the-art techniques and technologies that aid in analyzing the smallest pieces of evidence and track the most evasive suspects and criminals. They also gain the legal knowledge and the technical competencies needed to reconstruct crime by applying the principles of forensic science.

Best Online Schools For Bachelor’s in Dietetics

bachelors dietetics degreeDietetics is the scientific study of nutrition and nutrient intake. It deals with food and diet, and how either and both affects an individual’s overall health. An online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Dietetics program exposes students to food management, medical nutrition, metabolism, and similar principles and topics that are essential to the discipline as well as the basic sciences of anatomy, biology and physiology.



Best Online Schools For Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education covers a wide age range, typically from birth through the age of eight years old, at about the third grade. Children’s minds, at this stage in their life, are developing by leaps and bounds. There is significant importance in the types of influences that children are exposed to. Aside from their parents at home, young children are often cared for by professionals that specialize in early childhood education and development.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Finance

The world of finance will open the door to many opportunities for you. By earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Finance, you will provide services that are the backbone to any successful business. In today’s world of modern technology, you can utilize countless new and exciting ways to manage financial matters. Some of the most lucrative career positions include Financial Managers and Analyst who can earn upwards of $120,000 annually.



Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Fire Science

A noble and courageous professional field, fire science and emergency services education gives students the tools, skills, and understanding of disastrous and traumatizing situations, and how to plan, manage, and take the proper precautions to engage in such situations. These individuals make a huge difference in their communities by protecting citizens and all manner of scenarios.



Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management

hospitality and tourism management

Hospitality and Tourism is one of the fastest growing and highly profitable markets across the globe. With an excellent online education through one of these twenty schools, students gain an understanding of areas such as accounting and finance, economics, marketing, and management. Students in these curricula undergo extensive hands-on experience that builds invaluable skills that are well-sharpened upon graduation.



Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Marketing

The field of marketing is a fast-growing occupation that promises an interesting and lucrative future if your desire is to focus on the consumer side of business. Marketers are hired to develop sales strategies and advertising campaigns for marketing firms or big box retail chains. Other responsibilities may include conducting consumer buying habits and behavior studies, identifying prospective consumers, researching supply and demand, pricing products, as well as, negotiating advertising contracts, in addition to many others.

Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Ministry

An undergraduate degree in ministry prepares individuals to work in a wide variety of fields pertaining to the Church. Whether individuals are seeking a career in counseling, education, or youth ministry, this type of curriculum prepares future professionals to utilize their understanding of the faith, the liturgy, and their particular specialization.



Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Religious Studies

Religious belief, practices, and rituals have profoundly affected the history, development, and progress of cultures and societies across the globe. Even for non-religious persons, religious cultures have affected everything from conceptions of morality, gender, diet, and even the calendar. The academic discipline of Religious Studies can be more or less specifically focused upon a particular religion or group of religions in terms of belief, practice and outreach.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Business with a Focus on Retail Management Programs

retail managementRetail managers handle the daily operations and concerns of a store. Regardless of the manner and location of their work, retail managers are responsible for ensuring that the company or organization is profitable and well-organized. This field of study entails an examination of displays and visual presentation of any merchandise for greater appeal for customer service, marketing, and sales purposes.



Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Special Education

A career in assisting children and young adults with special needs is more than just a career. An intense job that requires preparation, thought and training, it is highly rewarding in that it gives hope and assistance to those who are often overlooked. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of special education teachers is projected to grow six percent from 2014 to 2024 with preschool special education at a nine percent growth rate.


Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Sports Management

sports management

The sports industry is one of the most popular and lucrative fields in nearly every country across the gob. Students seeking a career in sports management would do well to earn an online undergraduate degree from one of these excellent online schools. Students in these programs gain invaluable experience that can be applied to any number of positions within the industry as directors, managers, and leaders of various departments. Graduates from any one of these twenty online schools go on to achieve their most fabulous career goals as sports managers.

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