20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Programming for 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

An online Bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming highlights the fact that in this day and time, computer programs can simplify a manifold of tasks and provide solutions to the day-to-day workplace and operational issues. As nearly everything designed is powered by technology, computer programming provides answers to simple mathematical calculations and preserves, stores, manipulates or recreates information.

Students who find Computer Programming career pathways fascinating can opt to earn the degree on the bachelor’s level. Today, distance learners can learn programming languages, apply logic and mathematical principles to the design of computer systems, analyze and develop technical solutions for computer data and applications, and identify trends in human-computer interaction through the degree. With online Computer Programming, students don’t just create programs; they are equipped with the foundational technical knowledge and tools to solve today’s problems.

bachelor of science in computer programming

Generally, most colleges and universities do not award a bachelor’s degree with the exclusivity of Computer Programming program; instead, the schools offer programs in the academic field of Computer Science, Software Development or Information Technology. The same foundation and major courses are offered regardless of the school or degree you choose. You can expect courses like Data structures and algorithms, Information systems analysis and design, C++, Java, and Object-Oriented Languages, as well as, Data Analysis, Software Engineering and Development in the curriculum.

Lucrative jobs can guarantee financial security for programmers. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median pay for computer programmers is at $82,240 or more each year.



Here, features the top 20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Programming Degree Programs for 2019. Each offers 100% online distance learning formats by some of the best colleges, universities, and online academic institutions all over the United States. Our list highlights the reasons why they are considered top picks, including:

online bachelor science computer science programming methodology

  • Online format offering unique opportunities for convenient and flexibility within your academic journey,
  • Provides comprehensive coursework in the field of Computer Programming,
  • May be awarded as a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, often used as a minor to complement other degrees,
  • Designed to teach skills needed for entry-level or advancement positions in a computer-related field, such as a Network Engineer, Software Developer, Web Developer or Technical Analyst, and more,
  • Instructed by experienced Faculty within the field of Computer Programming,
  • Ease of Credit transfers; prepares students for graduate programs,
  • Properly Accredited, easy-to-use Learning Management System, Online Student Support Systems,
  • Satisfactory student reviews with retention rates no lower than 50%.

We urge every student to consider these online schools and complete their Bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming. If you would like to learn more about our rankings, please see our Methodology page.


Southwestern College (Professional Studies)

Online Computer Programming Degree Program


southwestern college

Based in Winfield, Kansas, this 133-year-old private institution has been recently known for its programs designed for working adults. Led by an excellent faculty, Southwestern College’s small-sized classes with 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensure a high-quality learning experience. Online learners can finish courses in a span of six weeks and get a bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming by learning skills in a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes on developing algorithms pseudo-code, graphical user interfaces, documenting code, coding and testing designed applications using HTML and XHTML, Visual Basic and Java within object-oriented programming environment. They need to complete 124 credit hours to earn a B.S. degree.

Learn more about Southwestern College’s Online Computer Programming Degree Program

Lewis University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Accelerated Degree

lewis university

This private Roman Catholic university in Illinois is a powerhouse in online education. Lewis University’s Accelerated 4+1 program for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree allows students to complete a master’s degree with only one additional year. The program provides opportunities for students by teaching them skills essential to programming languages like Python, Java, C#, Javascript, and Ruby; encrypting data, designing secure networks, and developing artificial intelligence. In addition to the core courses, students get to choose one or more concentrations like Game and Simulation Programming, Cyber Security Operations, Software Engineering, Computational Theory, Data Science, Digital Forensics, and Networking. The program is offered entirely online and adult students can access their 8-week courses through LUCSCloud (Lewis University Computer Science Cloud) 24/7 at their convenient time.

Visit Lewis University for more information on their Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Accelerated Degree

Limestone College

Online BS in Computer Science with a Concentration in Programming

limestone college

Located in Gaffney, South Carolina, Limestone College was originally established as a women’s college and is now one of the largest private colleges in the state. Its Internet Program started 22 years ago to cater to students who wanted to accomplish a degree in higher education but couldn’t afford to commute to campus. Future coders can earn a degree in Bachelor of Computer Science degree with Programming concentration offered through this internet program or they can choose to complete this on-campus. Degree requirements include imperative and object-oriented programming, advanced algorithms and data structures, and internet programming. Students can take up to two courses every 8 weeks. Limestone College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and is a member of The Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Learn more about Limestone College’s Online BS in Computer Science with a Concentration in Programming

Baker College

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Computer Programming

baker college

Baker College provides a myriad of courses and programs in its 14 campuses including Baker Online and Center for Graduate Students. This not-for-profit college has been around for more than a century and has accumulated and rebranded some small schools in the Michigan state. Its College of Information Technology offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Computer Programming. It can be completed 100% online or students can choose to study in one of its 11 locations across Michigan. The degree consists of 71 credit hours of Major courses, 30 hours for General Education and 18 hours for Concentration in Computer Programming for Python Programming, IBM Cognos Analytics and a few more programming courses.

To learn more about Baker College’s Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Computer Programming

University of Maryland – University College

Online Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree

university of maryland university college

Known to be the largest online public university, University of Maryland – University College or UMUC provides education for more than 60,000 students with over 100 programs on-campus and online. Its Computer Science Bachelor’s degree gives students exceptional learning experience with programming specifically about Java, C++, Octave, OpenGL and MATLAB. The school brags its five Online Learning Consortium awards for excellence in online teaching and its expert faculty who hold positions as an Application software designer, Software architect, Programmer and Systems analyst who work or have worked at organizations such as BAE Systems, IBM, National Security Administration and Oracle, to mention a few. The program is designed to prepare students for real-world applications and practical skills, and achieve certifications like Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Oracle Certified Java Programmer. Complete 120 total credits to graduate.

Learn more information about the University of Maryland – University College Online Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree

Dakota State University

Online BS in Computer Science

dakota state university

One of the most technologically-advanced institutions in the Midwest, Dakota State University aims to continue to provide and impart to students the proficiency in the use of technology and information in their learning experience. This public university offers programs that encompass intensive technology and innovation with more than 45 majors and a variety of graduate programs. Choosing to study and earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree means learning not only how to program but also developing and acquiring skills needed to master the latest tools and applications. The program is offered either fully online or on-campus and is taught by educators who all hold a Ph.D. degree. Its curriculum is composed of topics and courses in Software Engineering, Algorithms and Optimization, Advanced Data Structures and Software Security.

Learn more about Dakota State University’s Online BS in Computer Science

Western Governors University

Online IT Computer Science Degree

western governors university

A university located in Salt Lake City, Utah and founded through a meeting of the Western Governor Association, Western Governors University has been providing education using a competency-based approach to students in an online format since 1997. The institution is composed of four colleges with bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. At WGU, aspirant computer programmers can gain knowledge and practical skills in Java or C# through their Bachelor of Science in Software Development. The curriculum consists of courses in Scripting and Programming, Data Manipulation, Operating Systems for Programmers and other courses involving Applications in Software design and concepts. Students can finish the program in as quick as two years.

Learn more about Western Governors University’s Online IT Computer Science Degree

Champlain College

Online Bachelor of Science in Software Development

champlain college

Champlain College, a private, non-profit college, enrolls 2,200 students from more than 40 states and 18 countries and is located in Burlington, Vermont. The college boasts its excellence in innovative education through its significant curricula transformation for more than a decade now. Future programmers can develop their technical skill set and gain expertise through their Bachelor of Science in Software Development degree program. Students can take the program completely online in 7-week courses through a self-paced environment. The program lets you accomplish certificates in C++ Programming, Java Programming, Software development and Visual CE# before completing all other degree requirements. Their admission process is specially designed for busy working adults who want to pursue a degree in programming.

Get more information on Champlain College’s Online Bachelor of Science in Software Development

Fort Hays State University

Online Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science

Online Bachelor of Science in Software Development

Since its establishment in 1902 as the Western Branch of Kansas State Normal School, Fort Hays State University (FHSU0 has become the third-largest university member of the Kansas Board of Regents with over 15,000 students enrolled. FSHU offers undergraduate and graduate levels for degree, certificate and course options. Its College of Education and Technology provides a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with specific courses in Database Design and Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, to name a few. Learners can take this program 100% online or in-seat and complete 65 credit hours for Major Courses and 55 credit hours for General Education. Fort Hays State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Learn more about Fort Hays State University’s Online Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science

Bellevue University

Online BS in Software Development

bellevue university

Bellevue University was originally founded as Bellevue College for working adults. Since 1947, the institution has been known as one of the largest private colleges in Nebraska. It serves approximately 9,000 students each year at its locations in Bellevue, Omaha and online. You can earn a degree at an affordable price whether you take it on-campus or online. It offers an online bachelor’s degree in Software Development. Students who are enrolled to this program will attain computer programming knowledge and hands-on skills with Java, Web applications, Ruby on Rails and SQL; and graduate with a certificate that follows the CompTIA Project+ certification—a certification program designed to validate Project Management skills to effectively render IT projects.

Learn more about Bellevue University’s Online BS in Software Development

Davenport University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

davenport university

Davenport University is a private, non-profit institution which started in 1866 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and now offers over 50 programs in its College of Business, Technology, Health Professions, Arts & Sciences and Urban Education delivered either on-campus or online. Offered completely online or on-campus through the College of Technology, the Computer Science program provides students first-rate opportunities. In 2017, DU Technology students won 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in the National Leadership Competition for Business Professionals in C++ and C# Programming and have also consistently topped in the Java and VB NET programming competitions. You can earn your Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree with specialties such as Mathematical Modeling, Computer Architecture and Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, or Gaming and Simulation to choose from.

Get more information about Davenport Univerity’s Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Hodges University

Online Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Program

hodges university

Hodges University is a private institution based in Naples, Florida. The university has redesigned its education pathways and reorganized schedules to better suit the lives of adult learners. Hodges U’s Fisher School of Technology brags its Computer Science program certified by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) taught with exceptional standards of safety and security. You can choose from two concentrations— Cybersecurity and Networking or Software Development which are both available 100% online. Curriculum for Software Development consists of strong components of programming and can be completed after 120 credit hours. The program lets student achieve programming language certifications from A+, MOS, ICCP to C++ together with the bachelor’s degree.

Learn more about Hodges University’s Online Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Program

Salem University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Major in Software Development

salem university

Located in Salem, West Virginia, Salem University is a private for-profit institution which was founded in 1888 by the Seventh Day Baptist Church. It offers a variety of associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s programs for both on-campus and online learning. Its online education offers courses delivered in a monthly format attracting non-traditional students who want to finish the program in no time. You can master computer programming through their Bachelor of Science in Computer Science major in Software Development. After graduation, CS graduates gain proficiency in the design, development and maintenance of software systems through advanced courses in programming languages, algorithms, operating systems and software techniques.

Learn more about Salem University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Major in Software Development

National University

Online B.S. in Computer Science

national university

Founded by retired U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. David Chigos in 1971, National University stands as one of the largest private, non-profit universities in San Diego, California. Its degree certificate and credential programs are devised and organized for working adults who want to attain higher education. On-campus classes are available during weeknights and Saturdays and online classes are accessible 24/7. Students can apply and enroll at any time of the year and gain access to its textbooks through its Online Bookstore with customer service to support them. Its ABET-accredited B.S. in Computer Science provides “real-world programming assignments” and aims to let students apply mathematical foundations, implement and evaluate computer-based processes and systems.

Get more information about National University’s Online B.S. in Computer Science 

Grand Canyon University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming

grand canyon university

Serving thousands of students from across the nation, Grand Canyon University prides itself as one of the largest Christian universities in the world. The private, non-profit university was chartered in the year 1949 as Grand Canyon College and now delivers more than 200 programs for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. GCU’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology provides a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming degree in both an on-campus and online format. The program puts a great emphasis on software and database application development to give students the necessary skills and training to fulfill changing trends of technology. Algorithms and data structures, Enterprise applications programming and operating system concepts are some of the topics rendered by the program Students must complete 120 credit hours of coursework to acquire this bachelor’s degree.

Learn more about Grand Canyon University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming

Herzing University

Online Computer Programming Bachelor’s Degree Program

herzing university

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Herzing University is private, non-profit institution that focuses on the career development of the students and has long been one of the first higher-education institutions to help students focus on careers in the computer industry. Academic programs for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education are offered all over 7 campuses across the nation and online. The school stresses flexibility and convenience that allows students to choose schedules matched to their lifestyles. One of its online programs is Computer Programming which prepares students career opportunities in software development, mobile applications, and web programming. To earn a bachelor’s degree, students have to achieve 120 credits in just 36 months.

Get more information about Herzing University’s Online Computer Programming Bachelor’s Degree Program

Regis University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

regis university

Regis University is a Jesuit university that was founded in 1877. It provides undergraduate degrees in a traditional and an accelerated format in its many campus locations and online. Among its academic division is the College of Computer & Information Sciences which is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). This department delivers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science accessed either on-campus or online. The school is proud to have the only accelerated program in the country which is duly accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. Its curriculum is comprised of high-standards in both foundational and upper-divisional major courses such as Web and Database Application, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages, Computer Architecture and more. Online students can take the courses in either 5-week or 8-week format.

Learn more about Regis University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Regent University

Online BS in Computer Science

Regent University

Originally named Christian Broadcasting Network University in 1978, Regent University, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, now fosters outstanding learners and holds seven academic schools offering associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, juris doctor and certificate education. Regent’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is available both on- and off-campus. The program is designed to not only teach students to solve computational problems and analyze computing systems but also give them the tools to apply logic and mathematics in understanding programming languages. The course offerings include Programming, Parallel and Distributive Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms and Information Systems Security. You can take this program fully online in 8-week course sessions.

Visit Regent University to learn more about their Online BS in Computer Science

Lamar University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

lamar university

Affiliated with The Texas State University System, Lamar University (LU) is one of the fastest growing institutions in Texas. With 95 years of history, LU has been recognized as a leader in research and online education by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Lamar University has admitted almost 15,000 students in the past year and continues to offer over 100 programs for on-campus and online setting in small class sizes and low student-to-faculty ratio. LU Online provides a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science following a comprehensive curriculum for the upper-division, It requires three courses for Fundamentals of Programming, Design Programming Languages, Data Communication & Computer Networks to Computer Organization Assembly Language. Unlike other schools, Lamar requires 12 credit hours for Elective courses like Network System Administration, Fundamentals of Bioinformatics, Computer Network Security, Microcomputer and Advanced Topics in Networks, to name a few. A total of 121 hours is needed to earn the degree.

Learn more about Lamar University’s Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Columbia University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

columbia university in the city of new york


As one of the oldest higher learning institutions in New York and the nation, Columbia University continues to strive to gain a top spot in research and development and administer Pulitzer Prize yearly. Other than the Upper Manhattan location, the university has campuses in Manhattanville, Lamont, and the Irving Medical Center. It serves more than 32,000 students with programs leading to bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and professional degrees. Its Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a combination of areas of study in programming languages, operating systems and computer architecture with areas in theoretical science and mathematics. Other academic divisions offer Computer Science as a concentration with courses like Advanced Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Systems and Computer Science Theory. Columbia students can choose to pursue additional programs in business administration, medicine, or other studies.

Learn more about Columbia University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science



FAQS Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Why should I consider earning a Bachelor’s in Computer Programming?

bachelor of science in computer programming

One of the reasons why one should consider earning a Bachelor’s in Computer Programming is that it gets you the chance to take on diverse jobs in the industry. Even if you have the ability and skills to program, most companies require a college degree. The possibilities are endless; you can create the most famous applications for business or create a program just for yourself, with creativity, it can all be done. Computer programming is the engine to most businesses and way of life in the 21st century. You can work whenever and wherever you want, giving you the freedom to create solutions that fit your needs, plus, it helps you realize and develop characteristics which are important in achieving success.

How long will it take me to finish a Bachelor’s in Computer Programming?

bachelor of science in computer programming

Whether taken on-campus or in an online format, most Bachelor’s in Computer Programming require a minimum of 120 credit hours full-time with a length of 4 years. Students have to consider factors that affect the length of the program like the number of required credit hours, full-time or part-time enrollment, internship or capstone requirements.



What job prospects do Bachelor’s in Computer Programming graduates have?

bachelor of science in computer programming

Challenging and rewarding positions await Computer Programming graduates in the fields of software development, database management, web and applications developments, network architecture, project management, service desk support, security engineering, and network engineering. The degree can also qualify you for job positions in telecommunications companies, financial institutions, and the government.

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