10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Elementary Education for 2019

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An online Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education serves as a springboard for a fulfilling and thriving career of lifelong instruction and learning. With an option to earn this degree online, many adult learners are taking the opportunity to get started with their journey toward their dream career without giving up their current work or family obligations.

Majoring in Elementary Education is an easy decision for many students who are passionate about imparting their knowledge to kids during their growing-up years. Holders of a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education have obtained the minimum requirement for professional teaching. Students of this online degree are qualified for teaching licensures in their state so they can work in public schools.

Many find teaching as a fulfilling career, and those who have obtained Elementary Education as a degree can expect a wealth of opportunities. Teachers who are teaching in kindergarten and elementary school are looking at a 7 percent growth projection from 2019 to 2026. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), about 56.6 million students have attended elementary and secondary schools (public and private schools). The numbers might increase to 52.1 million by the fall of 2027.

While teaching may have its set of challenges, educators are well-compensated. In 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cited that elementary school students could earn about $36,560 to $88,590 annually. The BLS data indicated that students with a major in Elementary Education could look into high-paying jobs in Alaska (Fairbanks), New York (Nassau and Kingston), Connecticut (Waterbury) and California (San Rafael).



In compiling our list of the 10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Elementary Education for 2019, we considered each school’s standout features. Listed randomly, we mention the details of their flexible coursework, the length of the online program, the program requirements, and the quality of instruction through an excellent faculty and low teacher-to-student ratio, in addition to other factors, such as:

  • 100% Online virtual learning format,
  • Affordability, with Financial Aid opportunities,
  • Offering student’s ease of access to all coursework and learning materials, as well as, online support centers 24/7,
  • Programs designed to teach instruction on helping young children to succeed at each educational level,
  • Prepares students to become educators in the private and public sector,
  • Offers Specializations in Elementary Education,
  • Properly Accredited,
  • Learn from experienced Professors; offering training in the state-of-the-art technology now used in Elementary Education,
  • Optional or required teaching practicum in your community,
  • Ease of transfer credits into a graduate degree program.

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Liberty University

liberty university

In Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University is one of the best schools to enroll in with its high graduation rate at 51%. Touted as one of the largest Christian colleges around the globe, students taking Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education can be completed 100% online. The flexible coursework should help adult learners, and distant learners earn a degree at their own pace. The whole course will only take 120 hours to accomplish with an optional 5-year licensure route. Students can also opt to go for a 90-hour practicum that’s purely hands-on.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

saint mary of the woods college

A private institution that integrates the Catholic into their curriculum, Saint Mary of the Woods College is well-known for its superior Liberal Arts programs. The college, which consistently ranks as one of the best regional colleges and top value schools, offers the online Bachelor of Science in Education with a concentration in Kindergarten-Grade 6. Through this online degree, students can help start their journey toward a professional teaching career in Indiana-based schools. Students may have their pick of concentration in Mathematics, Social and Behavioral Science, Reading, and Social Studies. Expect to pay around $496 per credit hour when you enroll in SMWC.

Western Governors University

western governors university

This school is situated in Salt Lake, Utah, Western Governors University is one of the best value schools if you’re a little tight on the budget but would want to earn a degree. It is a private institution that provides full online degrees especially catered for distant learners and adult students. By taking this alternate route to learning, individuals can complete a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education within 18 to 48 months. Students with prior learning experience can opt to have their credits transferred (up to 28 credits) to get a head start in the program. Accomplished graduates will teach kids from kindergarten to eighth grade.

University of Southern Mississippi

university of southern mississippi

Also known as the “Southern Miss,” the University of Southern Mississippi is a public university in Hattiesburg. This institution has earned nationwide attention and is still continuously providing non-traditional students the opportunity to develop their professional careers. The Southern Miss has an online platform for Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education tailored for teaching assistants or those who want to earn this degree without leaving their current jobs. Students have to choose from the following concentrations: Social Studies, Mathematics (K-8), English, and Foreign Languages. The 44-credit core coursework is imperative prior admission to the program.

Regis University

regis university

Based in Denver, Colorado, Regis University provides alternative educational resources incorporated with its Jesuit roots. For students wanting to take Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Regis University offers an online program with 120 credit hours. After accomplishing the requirements, students will be able to teach professionally since this includes state licensure. Dual licensure (Elementary Education and Special Education) with 132 credit hours is available for interested parties.

Baptist College of Florida

baptist college of florida

The Baptist College of Florida is a private, non-profit institution located in Graceville, Florida. While the institution may have been initially created to train Baptist ministers, it has since grown to offer other degrees in the fields of music, business, counseling, and education. BCF is a nationally accredited institution that also specializes in full online Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education for working individuals and distant learners. Accomplished graduates will teach children in kindergarten to 6th grade (public or private institutions). Baptist College of Florida requires students to complete 127 credit hours in this program.

National University

national university

Considered as one of the largest private and non-profit schools in San Diego, National University is a La Jolla-based institution with alternative learning methods intended for distant learners and working professionals. Its Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with Nevada Elementary Licensure can be done accomplished online. This program also helps those planning to embark on teaching careers in Nevada professionally and earn a degree for it without compromising their current jobs. Holders of this online bachelor’s degree are highly likely to get an offer in the Nevada School District and may opt to get the “Alternative Route to Licensure Program.”

LeTourneau University

letourneau university

LeTourneau University is a Longview-based institution in Texas with one of the best online degree for Elementary Education platforms for distant learners. For professionals, this alternative takes from traditional face-to-face classrooms with the same rigorous coursework and provides online students with the momentum needed to be competent in their field of expertise. Primarily, graduates of this online program at LeTourneau University land jobs as educational generalists for kindergarten to the fourth grade or the fourth grade throughout the eighth grade.

Grand Canyon University

grand canyon university

Grand Canyon University is a private, Christian-based university that is accredited by Higher Learning Commission. It offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education program designed for adult learners seeking learning programs to advance their career in teaching. By taking this program, GCU students primed for their initial Arizona license for teaching in elementary and middle schools. Students aspiring to create a professional portfolio can use this program as their springboard toward becoming an entry-level teacher. Students can expect the coursework to run for 54 hours with student teaching as part of the program’s requirement.

University of South Carolina-Columbia

university of south carolina

The University of South Carolina-Columbia offers a fully online Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. Students can finish the course within two years. On the bachelor’s level, students typically encounter topics on the latest teaching trends, schools within communities, and other specific issues specific to their field of concentration. Those with pre-requisite credits may be eligible for transfer.


How much does online Bachelors in Elementary Education degree program cost?

On average, taking a B.A or B.S in Elementary Education would cost around $25,000 to $100,000 and above.

What are the typical jobs for Bachelor’s in Elementary Education graduates?

With the projection of around 1.9 million job openings for preschool to post-secondary school from 2014 to 2024, there are a lot of opportunities available for graduates of this course. The following job options may be something that graduates from this degree can look into:

  • Early Years teacher
  • Learning mentor
  • Community Education officer
  • Special Education Needs teacher
  • Further Education teacher
  • Health play specialist
  • Play therapist
  • Youth worker

Aside from the brick and mortar school, there are other available jobs suitable for B.S or B.A in Elementary Education graduates. Alternative career options in library work, writing and editing, textbook and instructional material sales, and counseling are some paths that may complement this degree if graduates prefer not to teach anymore.

Why should I choose an accredited online school for my online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education degree?

Examining a school is very important considering the time element and resources you will be investing in the program. If the school has national or regional accreditation, it means that it is legitimate to provide education and acknowledged by third-party institutions. Transferring credits shouldn’t be a problem if it’s accredited as well. Students would want the employer to look into their portfolio and hire with confidence knowing the institution is duly recognized.

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