10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Emergency Management for 2019

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An online Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management focuses on the protection of individuals, property, and resources during catastrophic events. When calamities arise, Emergency Management professionals utilize their knowledge and training to prepare for such, and to respond to situations that jeopardize safety in society.

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Preparedness for disastrous events such as earthquakes, hurricane, flood, and even terrorist attacks can only be realized with the right strategies that students with an online Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management learn. Undergraduates pursuing this degree are also trained to take part in relief efforts with the government and non-government sector. They strategize the provision of assistance to affected areas, ensure the safety of the public, and promote the enforcement of public health and the law in these respects.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management enables students to earn their degree without compromising their careers and other obligations. Flexible and self-paced, the online learning format provides the same career opportunities to distance learners as brick-and-mortar degree programs do.


Methodology Used To Determine Our 10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Emergency Management:

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Our 10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Emergency Management for 2019 presents the colleges and universities across the United States. These academic institutions, listed in random order, were selected based on their most robust program features that attract enrollees and students who seek to pursue the degree but cannot commit to traditional schooling.

At, we feature each of the online Bachelor of Emergency Management degree program’s coursework and curricula to establish the comprehensive instruction and training that online students acquire. We identify the Emergency Management program courses, subjects, and internship opportunities, if any, based on the information provided by the college or university. We also research other important attributes, such as:

  • Convenient and flexible 100% Online Learning Format,
  • Easy-to-use Learning Management System, providing easy access to coursework and materials 24/7,
  • Affordable Financial Aid opportunities: Grants, Scholarships and Military Discounts,
  • Offers Concentrations in the field of Emergency Management, such as EMS management or Fire specialties,
  • Designed to prepare students for advanced levels of leadership within the public and private sectors of Emergency Management,
  • Improves the student’s communication skills, both verbally and written to prepare them for emergency situations requiring administrative or public health announcement situations,
  • Experienced faculty qualified to teach state-of-the-art technology used in today’s field of Emergency Management,
  • Provides an introduction to hazard identification, disaster relief, risk assessment, as well as, training in natural and terrorism disasters and recovery, plus much more,
  • Encourages community involvement and public health safety opportunities.

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University of Florida

Online Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Services

university of florida

The University of Florida is a Gainesville-based university in Florida offering an extensive online degree program in Emergency Management. The online Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Services aims to prepare any interested individual to advance a career in emergency management. University of Florida’s online emergency management program requires 120 credits for the degree. The program caters to different fields and specializations particularly in Fire Management, Emergency Medical Services Management, and Emergency Management. Student learning outcomes vary on content, critical thinking, and communication. In emergencies, students are taught to adequately prepare, promptly respond and recover with a reasonable period. Florida residents may enjoy UF Online at $129.18 per credit hour. For non-Florida residents, UF online charges $552.62 per credit hour.

West Texas A&M University

Fully Online Emergency Management Administration Degree Program

west texas a and m university

West Texas A&M University in Canyon Texas offers a fully online program in Emergency Management Administration. Students who wish to earn a degree in Emergency Management Administration must be able to complete the required 120 hours that include 42 hours of classes in the EMA major. The 100% online program aims to train students to respond effectively in emergencies and times of crisis. The coursework concentrates on promoting advanced levels of proper management and administration before, during, and after emergencies. The online program prepares students to be active emergency responders for various settings which include but not limited to legislative work, non-profit, and industrial setup. By learning Emergency Management Administration online at the West Texas A&M University, it will be a lot easier for students to learn and apply strategies in disaster awareness, risk assessment process and methodology, leadership and decision-making, and more.

Bethel University

Online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Management

bethel university

Bethel University offers a wide range of online courses across Tennessee State. Among others is an online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Management program. The online course format in Emergency Services Management is made ideal to cater working professionals who want to advance their career in effective public management in times of emergencies including but not limited to disasters, terrorist incidents, handling weapons of mass destruction, and more. For any interested individual to graduate with an Emergency Services Management degree, 128 credit hours are required. Anyone who wishes to enroll at Bethel University taking up an online Emergency Services Management program will be able to adjust learning in an online environment right away since the university makes it a prime to include an introduction with topics like learning management system, library resources, and other required deliverables for the online program.

American Military University

100% Online Bachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Program

american military university

Located in Charles Town, West Virginia is American Military University. It is one of the many prestigious universities in the area that offers a 100% online Bachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management program. The online 128-credit coursework program aims to fully equip students with preparedness whenever emergencies and disasters are on the rise. The primary objective of the online degree program is to develop students to promote public safety through quick hazard identification and thorough and in-depth understanding of possible risks. The online program also aims to train students when it comes to disaster and risk prevention as well as management of currently occurring disasters and emergencies. Students will learn the multiple cycles and phases of calamities and know how to identify which emergency response strategy will work best. At AMU, the tuition rate is $270 per credit and $250 tuition credit with a military grant.

Arkansas State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management

arkansas state university

Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas offers an online program for students who wish to complete a Bachelor of Science in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management degree. The online coursework that the university prepares students to become fully prepared in times of disasters. The program also seeks to equip students with the proper knowledge in managing disaster-related emergencies. Successful students of this program become widely aware individuals when it comes to putting lessons into action. For this online degree, tuition per credit hour starts at $210 for US residents. For international students, rates are at $433.

Anderson University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security/Emergency Services

anderson university south carolina

Located in Anderson, South Carolina is Anderson University. The university offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security/Emergency Services degree program. The online course format aims to provide students with a comprehensive plan for proper emergency handling. The Homeland Security and Emergency Services of AU online ensures every student the appropriate academic background to become active emergency responders. The online degree program will teach students how to think fast when security is at risk due to calamities. Students will also become creative individuals in formulating solutions effective for different emergency and security-related situations. The online program hones skills of students to become effective public servants especially when there are threats to homeland security. Students also develop their skills to be flexible enough to reach out to communities, agencies, and particular places of employment and assist in their security and emergency concerns.

Columbia Southern University

Online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration

columbia southern university

The online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration course format of Columbia Southern University in Orange Beach, Alabama showcases a more complex program on emergency management. The University offers online courses that help shape the leadership skills of students interested to serve EMS organizations. The online course work requires students 120 credits to earn the degree. It aims to help students build a strong academic foundation in handling emergencies. The university focuses on offering an online degree program that teaches students to incorporate their training on legal and political frameworks to situations that call for emergency management services. Interested enrollees to the online program will also learn more about risk management and the avoidance of such in times of crisis. Columbia Southern University takes pride in providing a flexible online environment that allows students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Medical Services Administration at a convenient schedule.

Crown College

Online BS in Disaster and Emergency Management

crown college minnesota

Crown College is an HLC-accredited school providing complete online coursework in Disaster and Emergency Management in Minnesota. The Christ-centered college offers a unique online program with the primary objective to equip students with the knowledge and principles relating to varied fields in emergency management. In Crown College, a Bachelor of Science in Disaster and Emergency Management degree is a total of 125 credits. The online coursework aims to teach students to act readily in times of disasters and emergencies. Students will be trained mainly to devote their emergency management skills for public service. Students will also learn how to address solutions to disasters and emergencies accordingly. At a competitively priced tuition rate, Crown College ensures a 100% online degree program that molds students to become active and efficient emergency and disaster responders.

Western Carolina University

Online Bachelor of Science in Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM)

Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Emergency and Disaster Management for interested individuals of Cullowhee, North Carolina. Students who wish to pursue positions in the government may take advantage of the online coursework that WCU offers. Throughout the program, students will develop leadership skills to spearhead proper emergency and disaster management in communities. The online coursework also encourages students to study public policies that increase community safety and security. At the end of the online course program, students learn strategies in preventing, mitigating, and appropriately responding to disasters and emergencies. The online degree of Emergency and Disaster Management of WCU consists of 120 semester hours.

Kansas Wesleyan University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Emergency Management

kansas wesleyan university

In Salina, Kansas, Kansas Wesleyan University offers an entirely online Bachelor of Arts in Emergency Management degree program. The online course program focuses more on instilling emergency management theories to students. The university ensures that all the theoretical knowledge will be put into practice before, after, and especially during emergencies. The KWU emergency management concentrations include homeland security, business continuity, and non-governmental organizations. An online emergency management degree obtained from KWU will prepare students to become an effective leader to promote national security fully. The online program aims to train students to formulate long-term emergency management and risk reduction. Successful students of the online bachelor’s degree program will be committed to protect and save the lives of both people and properties in communities.



online Bachelor of Arts in Emergency Management

What do students study in a Bachelor’s in Emergency Management degree program?

The program mainly includes responding to either man-made or natural disasters. In an emergency management degree program, students study how to be fully prepared to respond to emergencies and recover fast in times of crisis.

What are the career paths for graduates with a Bachelor’s in Emergency Management degree?

Career paths for Emergency Management graduates include but not limited to becoming a security officer, public servant, emergency management specialist, risk reduction specialist, and emergency health officer among others.

How long does it take to complete an online Bachelors’ in Emergency Management degree?

It typically takes four years to complete an online degree in Emergency Management, given the 120-credit requirement.

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