20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration and Management for 2019

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Earning an online bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration gives students the opportunity to gain experiential knowledge in applying change management skills in the healthcare industry. It provides for an in-depth understanding of the legalities concerning policy implementation, and application of technology-driven skills in healthcare facilities. Healthcare management graduates have the analytical and problem-solving skills to aid in the performance of the job.

The importance of effective and learned management skills in healthcare cannot be overemphasized. Practitioners and staff who stand in the frontline of medical practice must receive proper specialized training to maintain quality and excellent service. Healthcare managers see to it that all personnel are well-equipped to oversee day-to-day operations in the facility. They should be able to adequately address pressing issues that could compromise the quality of service patients.

Management skills and expertise are two very important aspects in every business discipline. A firm background in management allows business professionals address issues which cut through the center of the organizational structure. Integrating management knowledge alongside years of experience in the healthcare industry can put healthcare professionals at an advantage. They promote innovative thought leadership, minimize resource consumption, and ensure healthcare quality.

An undergraduate degree in healthcare management secures employment opportunities in various fields. With high-value qualifications, graduates of the degree qualify for management or leadership positions. The coursework provides students with a solid background in organization, leadership, information technology, quality assurance, and human resource management.

Methodology Used To Determine Our Picks of the Best Online Schools in the field of Health Care Admin and Management:

To assist you in your journey as a healthcare administrator or manager, we have put together 20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration and Management for 2019. This list puts the spotlight on the outstanding features of the academic institutions’ online programs. We highlight the rigorous online coursework and curricula delivered in a condensed form to train future leaders of the healthcare industry.

It is widely recognized that the learning environment for any academic institution plays a crucial role in the quality of education students get. We disclose the online platforms that professors and students use to access academic resources. The list also mentions the tuition rates for each program, as well as the financial aid and scholarship opportunities afforded to qualified students. Others standout features such as an accelerated degree or fast-track completion options, and transfer credit programs are also presented.


University of Central Florida

university of central florida

The University of Central Florida is among the largest universities in the country. With a wide range of courses – all available online – distance learners take advantage of the opportunity to earn an online Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration. The degree is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level management positions, as well as equip them with the skills to tackle the most critical challenges in the industry. UCF’s BS in Health Services Administration adopts a 120-credit curriculum with core courses focusing on quality management, health law and ethics, community health, and epidemiology. Before graduation, students must complete a capstone experience in addition to the general education requirements. Graduates are trained to think critically and foster empowerment among medical workers. The university is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

East Carolina University

east carolina university

Offering over 84 bachelor degree programs, the East Carolina University (ECU) is the third largest academic institution and a leader in distance learning in North Carolina. The university’s Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management delivers online courses through a cohort program. This platform gives students various opportunities for community building and participation, especially internship programs.

ECU’s online BS in Health Service Management is an ideal degree program for associate degree holder related to health management. The curriculum focuses on subjects including quality management in healthcare, health data management, financial analysis of healthcare payment systems, and health data management.

University of Memphis – UM Online

university of memphis

The University of Memphis (U of M) is one of Tennessee’s best public universities offering varying online degrees, including the Bachelor of Science in Health Studies. It provides a concentration in Healthcare Leadership which emphasizes critical thinking, proficiency in foundational courses such as human healthcare resources, health policy issues, legal and ethical aspects of health care, and professional healthcare writing and financial administration. U of M’s bachelor’s degree in health services requires the completion of 120 credit hours, which includes 41 hours of general education subjects. A significant part of the curriculum is the 45-hour core courses focused on healthcare leadership. Graduates are not only competent health care leaders, but they also have a solid background in laboratory subjects.

Indiana Wesleyan University

indiana wesleyan university

Following an Evangelical and Christian-centric education, the Indiana Wesleyan University has been providing quality education in the city of Marion. The university has added the online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration among its array of online associate, bachelor, and master’s program. It is a fully online bachelor’s degree which is comprised of 48 total credits.

The curriculum emphasizes training students to become competent and efficient health care managers. They are exposed to courses in healthcare marketing, healthcare principles, and policies, economic analysis for healthcare administration, as well as general education courses. For students to successfully graduate with a BS in Healthcare Administration, some strict requirements must be fulfilled. To earn the baccalaureate degree, they must complete a total of 120 credit hours and get a cumulative 2.0 GPA.

George Washington University-GW Online

george washington university

You are assured that you will get world-class education when you enroll at George Washington University-GW Online. There are various e-learning opportunities through GW Online. Students who are eyeing for a position in healthcare management can pursue an online Bachelor of Science in Health Services (BSHS) in Clinical Management and Leadership.

George Washington University is committed to cultivating thought leadership among their graduates, inculcating proficiency in administrative functions, empower group dynamics, and improve operations and information management. BSHS requires 60 credits of coursework, specifically in financial management, informatics in health sciences, and a background in useful data analyses to aid strategic development. Students can take advantage of the dual degree options wherein BSHS majors can earn their Master of Science (MSHS) program for Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management.

Keiser University

keiser university

Keiser University provides students with a comprehensive foundation in healthcare administration and management. The university offers an extensive Bachelor of Arts in Health Services Administration degree that fosters student’s ability to apply their skills in healthcare settings. Students are required to complete a total of 120-credit hours to earn the degree. Through the university’s extensive curriculum, they gain an in-depth understanding of ethical management principles and effectively apply these concepts to the healthcare industry.

Graduates from Keiser University’s BA in Health Services Administration gain a solid background in foundational areas such as healthcare finance, public policy in healthcare, ethics in healthcare, and healthcare setting analysis. Lectures and all other coursework are delivered entirely online, and there is no required campus visit to graduate.

Liberty University Online

liberty university

One of the country’s leader of online education, Liberty University (LU) has religiously incorporated Christian values into their academic programs. Liberty University’s Online Programs make earning a baccalaureate degree more accessible while maintaining quality and efficiency. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management, which is a 120-credit undergraduate curriculum designed to foster success in the healthcare industry.

Liberty University empowers students in understanding healthcare policies, ethics, management styles, and practices by integrating diverse courses into the program. Students under the program take four courses covering healthcare administration, healthcare informatics, human resource management, and legal issues that affect human resources. You can earn the BBA in Healthcare Management after completing the eight-week courses, and begin your career as a healthcare management professional.

Colorado State University-Global Campus

colorado state university

Colorado State University (CSU) – Global Campus is offering a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Management through their virtual college. It is a career-driven curriculum, designed with working professionals in mind. Students under the program are exposed to courses in management, marketing, health law and ethics, quality and risk management in healthcare, healthcare information systems, and effective decision making.

A unique feature of the degree is the option to choose a specialization based on your career goals and interests. Students can dedicate 15 credits to specialize in criminal forensics, information technology operations, or data management and analysis. With practicum requirements, students gain hands-on training and experiential knowledge in the field. CSU – Global Campus offers dual enrollment opportunities for students who qualify to the program. It is the fastest way to earning a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and Management.

Drexel University

drexel university

Drexel University is a private university that serves the metropolitan Philadelphia area and provides a wide range of on-campus and online courses. The university is offering a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration. It is 100% online, with optional in-person coursework. Students under the health services administration program are required to complete 180 to 184 quarter credits to earn the bachelor’s degree.

Students can take courses in four 10-week quarters in one year. They are allowed to take more classes in a shorter time. The curriculum includes healthcare policy, healthcare law, introduction to health systems administration, human healthcare resources, and financial management in healthcare among others. It loosely follows business administration academic structure, so students are required to complete business classes in organizational behavior, statistics, and accounting.

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

pennsylvania college of health sciences

The Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences allows students to explore their passion for healthcare with expertise in business administration and management. Through the college’s Bachelor of Sciences in Healthcare Administration, they lead healthcare professionals to achieve exceptional success in the healthcare field. With expert online faculty mentorship, the healthcare administration degree exposes students to an intensive curriculum without the need for campus visits.

The curriculum heavily focuses on healthcare-related courses, including healthcare administration, health care marketing, data analysis, human resources in health care, legal issues in health care, and leading change in health care. On top of these core healthcare administration courses, students are required to complete a capstone project as well as an internship before graduation.

Regis University

regis university

Regis University is committed to serving students with academic programs integrating Catholic teachings in their curriculum. The university’s online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration provides a strong foundational knowledge in the business aspect of any healthcare facility. It adopts a rigorous 120-credit hour of requisite courses in healthcare policy, finance, project management, healthcare information systems, and the legal and ethical considerations in healthcare. Students can earn an undergraduate degree in an average of two years and a half. A capstone project and an internship are required for students to graduate. Both are ways in which the university can gauge students’ ability to translate their theoretical knowledge in the real world.

The program has three start dates spread throughout the school year – January, May, and August. Start your BS in Healthcare Administration degree at Regis University and advance your career in the industry.

Touro University Worldwide

touro university worldwide

The Touro College and University system have provided distance learning opportunities for students worldwide through the Touro University World (TUW). It is the distance learning division of the renowned university and is offering an online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. The undergraduate program comprises a total of 120 credit hours, wherein 51 credits are heavily focused on the theoretical aspect of healthcare administration and management.

All of TUW’s online courses can be completed in eight weeks, and are delivered asynchronously. Full-time students can complete the BS in Healthcare Administration in three and a half years. Graduates from the program gain the strong theoretical and philosophical foundation to the basic principles in management and administration involved in the healthcare industry.

Davenport University

davenport university

Earn your online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree from Davenport University, an academic institution located in the Great Lake State – Michigan. The program requires their students to complete 120 credits of both core courses and general education classes. It gives the option to specialize in various concentrations – Information Technology, Risk Management, Human Resources Management, and Leadership and Sustainability – allowing them to tailor their degree to their career goals.

The extensive curriculum includes classes in health care and business, health care management, health care law and ethics, marketing foundations, requirements planning and development, and health care organizations and systems. Holders of Davenport University’s BS in Healthcare Administration degree enter entry-level and advanced positions in the healthcare industry. On average, students complete the degree in four years.

University of Louisville

university of louisville

The historical University of Louisville has opened new opportunities to gain high caliber education entirely online. U of L offers an online Bachelor of Science Organizational Leadership and Learning with a concentration in Healthcare Leadership. The program is provided under the university’s College of Education and Human Development.

The bachelor of science degree consists of 120 credit hours of core courses as well as general education courses and electives. Under the program, students can choose between the “flex pace” or the “set pace.” These allow students to take more control over their degree. Flex pace gives them 32 months to finish the degree, while the set pace is a more structured, more graduation-oriented program. Either way, students get intensive lectures in healthcare presentations and group facilitation, coaching and talent management in healthcare, conflict management in healthcare organizations, and healthcare workplace and information ethics.

Colorado Christian University

colorado christian university

Colorado Christian University is a Christian-affiliated educational institution that is driven to provide high-quality online degree programs and has expanded their class offerings over the years. The university’s online counterpart offers Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. It is focused on training students in statistics and informatics, fiscal concerns affecting the efficient delivery of healthcare and medical services, and regulations affecting the industry.

Overall, the program requires a total of 120-credit hours which consists of 36 credits of major courses, and 42 credits of both general education and elective courses. Course works are delivered synchronously, and classes can be completed in a five-week block.

Southern New Hampshire University

southern new hampshire university

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a world-class higher education institution that has provided the country with unique online degree programs. Among SNHU’s online degree offering is an online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. There are two concentrations within the healthcare administration program – BS in Healthcare Administration in Health Information Management and BS in Healthcare Administration in Patient Safety & Quality. In BS in Healthcare Administration in Health Information Management, students will learn how to integrate technology in healthcare organizations. While students under the BS in Healthcare Administration in Patient Safety & Quality learn the basic of management principles and practices focused on improving patient experience and medical outcomes and costs.

Both degree concentrations require 120-credit hours for graduation. Most students complete the degree in four years. Graduates are equipped with knowledge in healthcare quality management, human resource management, healthcare economics, healthcare delivery systems, and principles of epidemiology.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham-UAB Online

university of alabama

The online Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham provides passionate students gain the necessary educational and experiential knowledge to excel in the healthcare industry. It is a fully online degree program offers various academic tracks, allowing students to choose what matches their career outlook. The BS and MS fast tracks are designed for students to quickly earn both undergraduate degrees while earning credits for a master’s degree. Applicants are ushered through the program by their academic consultants and advisors to ease them into the competitive field of healthcare.

Concordia University-Wisconsin

concordia university wisconsin

Concordia University, through their Wisconsin wing, can offer an online Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Management. The online degree is under the Business Department, which entails that the program emphasizes the business aspect of the healthcare. Students are exposed to intensive core courses as well as general education courses.

The university’s BA in Health Care Management perfectly blends management and administration principles in healthcare, financial issues that befall the healthcare industry, healthcare marketing, and legal issues and ethics in healthcare. One exceptional feature of the program is the primary course Eldercare. The course provides an in-depth study of the various challenges that affect the senior population in the American Society. This is a useful background for those who would like to pursue a career in human services. To graduate, students should complete a 60-hour on-the-job training.

Brigham Young University-Idaho

brigham young university idaho

The Brigham Young University (BYU) offers 120 credits online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. The program is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level careers in administration and management in small-scale healthcare facilities. Before enrolling in the BS in Healthcare Administration, students are required to complete the BYUI’s PathwayConnect. It is a one-year online degree program to gauge distance learner’s competencies to succeed in any of the university’s online programs.

BYUI adopts both synchronous and asynchronous learning structures. Under the BS Healthcare Administration, students gain a thorough understanding of healthcare management, human resource management, business module, and healthcare economics and financial management. As a prerequisite for graduation, students must complete an internship with a pre-approved healthcare facility.

Ottawa University-Online

ottawa university

Located in Kansas, Ottawa University is offering an online Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Management under the Clinical Track program. It is available under the university’s School of Business. The program follows a clinical track designed for students who are pursuing mid- and upper management positions.

Students complete 124 credit hours of core courses and general education subjects. They are exposed to vital major courses that include the stud of healthcare planning and budgeting, human resources in health care organizations, health care law and ethics, health care policy and regulation, quality in health care, and management of health care organizations. A capstone course is a key to completing the degree program, integrating both theory and practice into the operation of a health care facility.


What jobs options do I have after finishing my Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management?

Holders of Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management degree are qualified to enter into various career opportunities in medical and health services industries. Graduates of the program competent to handle administrative and management duties in healthcare facilities. Online degree programs in healthcare administration and management offer different specialization that enables graduates to adopt the dynamic field of health care. Among the possible career options are the following:

  • Medical and Health Services Manager
  • Medical Records and Health Information Technician
  • Management Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Quality Assurance

How long does it take to finish a Bachelors in Healthcare Management degree?

It takes an average of about three to four years to finish an online bachelor in healthcare management degree. Generally, the curriculum consists of a total of 120 to 140 credit hours. However, the length of the degree completion varies greatly between universities or the academic track you choose. Online courses are often offered in accelerated programs so you can earn the degree in a shorter time.

What knowledge and skills will I learn from an online Bachelors in Healthcare Administration program?

Depending on the schools, students are exposed to an extensive curriculum that prepares them to the competitive field of healthcare. Generally, the degree program covers healthcare management, healthcare economics, healthcare quality improvement, legal and ethical aspects in healthcare and healthcare resource management. All these core courses are essential to developing the required knowledge and competencies to excel in the industry.

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