10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Health Education for 2019

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An online Bachelor’s in Health Education is a particularly specialized degree program concerning the health sciences and public health. This undergraduate degree, offered online, produces graduates that are skilled in addressing the challenges that individuals, communities, and organizations face. Through the knowledge and the skills acquired, they are ultimately tasked to bring about positive change through health education with a specific focus on exploring public health, community health, school health, and mental health.

Students with a Bachelor’s in Health Education degree usually pursue careers that involve the planning, educating, implementing, maintaining, and evaluating individual or community programs. There are diverse career options in the thriving healthcare sector, and getting a top quality education from the best academic institutions in America is one of the first crucial steps toward becoming part of it and making a significant contribution. Indeed, society needs skilled health education specialists whose skills are invaluable in practice.

Methodology Detailing Our Choices of the Best Bachelor’s in Health Education Degree Programs:

Our 10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Health Education for 2019 lists the colleges and universities that push the boundaries of distance learning for this important discipline. These academic institutions in many parts of the United States utilize cutting edge tools and technologies for instruction, starting with virtual learning platforms that allow for seamless instruction and connection between educators and adult learners. These online platforms provide ease of access to academic materials that is deemed a critical component of distance learning success.

Our catalog of the best online schools offering an undergraduate degree in Health Education focuses on many significant program features. Students should take advantage of these online programs’ rigorous coursework, curricula, degree concentrations and specializations, specific courses, program duration as well as degree acceleration or fast-track options through generous transfer credits.

As may be disclosed by the online college or university, we provide data on competitive tuition rates to highlight affordability, a crucial decision-making factor that enrollees take into account. All the online schools on our list are duly recognized by the proper accreditation agencies.


University of Florida

university of florida

Through UF Online, the University of Florida offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Behavior. Specific prerequisite programs must already be taken before enrollment. Students enrolled in this 120-credit coursework will have the opportunity to participate in any of these core courses: Personal and Family Health, Health Education Professional Development, Internship in Health Education, and Community and Environmental Health. Specializations include Women’s Health, International Health Trends, as well as Minority Health Issues. A 15-credit internship must be accomplished during the last semester of the fourth year.

Arizona State University

arizona state university

Arizona State University’s ASU Online is the online platform where interested participants can enroll for an online Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Health Promotion. Distance learners, to keep up with industry trends, can take electives such as social media and marketing specific for health education, emotional health, and interpersonal relationships. Students have to finish a six-credit internship program prior to graduation. This is a 120-credit-hour degree with each course lasting 7.5 weeks. All courses and classes have the objective of addressing the concerns of Certified Health Education Specialists.

University of Massachusetts

university of massachusetts amherst

The University of Massachusetts’ UMass Amherst University Without Walls (UWW) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies degree for distance learners and working professionals. In this online degree, students have the option to have their study load customized and their program duration adjusted through the online school’s credit transfer program. Students can transfer up to 105 academic credits from an associate degree, life experience, or previous college and opt for an accelerated program that is 100% fully online. Students expect to pay around $13,500 to $28,500 per year.

Touro University Worldwide

touro university worldwide

Fostering a global mindset among students and future professionals, Touro University Worldwide equips students with the essential knowledge to deal with current issues pertaining individual and community health through the Bachelor Of Science in Health Sciences with a concentration on Health Education.  This is 120-credit hour coursework with each course lasting eight weeks at the cost of $400 per credit. This program is offered to a limited number of students, enabling professors to promote a more individualized instructional approach. Students must finish a prerequisite credit requirement prior enrollment. To accelerate the learning process, students have the option to have their credits transferred. Part-time students can complete this course within seven years while full-time students can earn the degree within three.

University of Arkansas-Little Rock

University of Arkansas

The online Bachelor Of Science in Health Education and Promotion at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock is designed for aspiring individuals who want to take on a career path in businesses and community services.  This is a 120-credit-hour curriculum specific for individuals planning to get certified by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) as an entry-level health educator.  As a prerequisite, students have to accomplish an 18-hour minor program also available in the online platform. Graduating students can finish a supervised six-hour internship facilitated in a health education environment. Expect a $280 cost per credit hour.

Excelsior College

excelsior college

Individuals planning to advance their career in health education may want to enroll for the online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences-Health Education at Excelsior College. Geared toward students with military backgrounds or those shifting careers in the health education industry, transfer credits are also applicable to real-world education such as military service and job-related experiences. Each course is completed in eight-week intervals to maximize education. The tuition is around $15,900 per year.

Southern New Hampshire University

southern new hampshire university

Southern New Hampshire University’s online Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education is an ideal choice for individuals planning to take health education in a community setting. Students have an option to take General Education and degree-specific courses. Full-time students can also finish this course within four years. You can also apply for up to 90 credit transfer to be eligible for an accelerated program. Students undergoing this course prepare them for Certified Health Education Specialist examination.

Kent State University

kent state university

Kent State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a concentration on Health Promotion and Education is geared towards individuals who want to immerse in community health. This is a fully online degree that touches on social behaviors such as sexual activity, exercise, substance abuse, and violence to name a few. Transfer credits from work-related or previous learning experience may be eligible to get their degree fast-tracked. Expect the tuition to costs around $9,900 to $17,800.

University of North Carolina-Greensboro

university of north carolina greensboro

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education with a concentration on Health Studies at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro is made available online by UNC Greensboro for those who want to pursue a higher educational level after previously earning learning credits or an associate’s degree. An estimated cost of $2,232 to $4,024 is expected for a 12-credit hour.

Walden University

Walden University

The online Bachelor of Science in Health Studies at Walden University helps students understand the policies, dynamics, and organization in the U.S healthcare system.  To speed up completion of the program, students with previous learning experience can transfer up to 135 credits with at least 45 credits earned in WU. There five concentrations to choose from General Program, Healthcare Management, Health Promotion, and Wellness, Health Psychology and Behavior, and Accelerate Into Master’s (AIM). This 180-credit-hour program can be earned within four to seven years depending on the student’s learning pace.


How do I get started with an online Bachelor’s in Health Education degree?

College admission looks for correlations with current jobs or learning experiences to see if the student can proceed with admission. This, however, is not always the case in every institution. High school students may need to start with the application process the summer prior their final year in high school. It generally takes up to a month to get the results, so it pays to plan ahead of time. As part of the prerequisite requirements, a GPA of 2.0/2.5 and higher is needed. Other conditions such as high school transcripts, at least one letter of recommendation, ACT or SAT score, and a minimal application fee of $50 to $100 may also be expected.

How soon can I complete the online Bachelor’s in Health Education degree program?

Most online Bachelor’s in Health Education degree programs comprise of a 120- or 180-credit-hour curriculum. A full-time student is usually able to complete the program within four years. If you have an associate’s degree, previous college credits, or work experience, you may be qualified for the accelerated program that is typically offered in schools. Credit transfers usually take one year off the program and result in shortened program duration. Online programs give students the flexibility in scheduling with courses that may be considered in five-week to eight-week durations.

What is the career outlook for online Bachelor’s in Health Education degree holders?

Graduates of online Bachelor’s in Health Education usually hold jobs in the field of research, planning, development, implementation, and execution of health-related activities and programs. Dietitians, nutritionists, epidemiologists, health educators, community health workers, and wellness coordinator are some of the popular career options. Students with a nursing background may want to look into jobs as a nurse educator. For those who are keen on assessing and creating community policies and programs, you can look into an academic policy advisor position.

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