20 Best Online Schools Bachelor’s in Homeland Security for 2019

bachelor homeland security degree

An online Bachelor’s in Homeland Security is designed to expose future specialists and officers to the reality of threats to security that exist in practically all organizational settings, levels, and sectors. More importantly, this degree program educates students on the fundamental components of national security to enable them to prevent or act upon such threats. Generally, online Bachelor’s in Homeland Security courses tackle terrorism, intelligence, and threat management.

A crucial discipline, an online Homeland Security undergraduate degree develops each students’ skills in identifying, examining, managing, and responding to hazards to corporate or national public security. To ensure relevancy to the job market, students and professionals need to be highly knowledgeable and suitably skilled. Finding the top online schools offering the degree is the best route for anyone seeking to become part of the Homeland Security workforce.

Methodology To Determine the Best Online Schools in Bachelor’s in Homeland Security:

Our 20 Best Online Schools Bachelor’s in Homeland Security for 2019 showcases the well-known accredited online colleges and universities in the country that offer the top undergraduate degree program. While each program may be different, they all deserve to be recognized for their commitment to delivering high-quality distance education.

We present an overview of each program’s coursework as well as the subjects and lessons that comprise the extensive program curricula to highlight the strict training that future intellectual and strategic specialists undergo. The degree programs, held in virtual learning platforms, are taught by seasoned instructors with experience in government agencies or settings that concern public safety.

Also mentioned are the duration of the online Bachelor’s in Homeland Security programs and the cost of attending them. This list also features each of the program’s credit-hour requirements, graduation prerequisites, and the career pathways that await graduates based on their chosen specialization or concentration.


Excelsior College

excelsior college

Located in Albany, New York, Excelsior College offers an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Homeland Security Concentration) that is designed for working professionals who have a professional law enforcement experience or military background. Students learn a variety of topics in domestic terrorism, interagency coordination and preparedness, security planning and threat assessment, and counterterrorism. This 120-credit hour online program has a set of courses including Criminal Justice, Criminology, Research Methods in Criminal Justice, and Law Enforcement. A capstone project is required to earn this degree.

Liberty University

liberty university

Established in Lynchburg, Virginia, the Liberty University has an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security that helps students develop the needed skills, and understand the internal processes of the Department of Homeland Security. It provides strong foundational knowledge and skills necessary to serve and protect the country and community from all forms of threat. The BS in Homeland Security will prepare students to serve the nation through intense research, preparedness strategies, and collaborative classes. Core courses include Administration of Justice Organizations, Criminal Justice Ethics, Terrorism, Judicial Process, and Criminal Law. In contrary, cognate courses offered by Liberty University include Behavioral Dimensions of Disaster, Introduction to Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Incident Command System/Emergency Plan. A total of 120 credit hours are required to earn this degree.

Keiser University

keiser university

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Keiser University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security focusing on management-level skills that are required in the critical field. This online program provides an understanding of the essential skills and addresses theories and concepts needed to comprehend Homeland Security at the federal, local, and state levels. Also, students can prepare, recognize, investigate, and respond to the call of terrorism as well as gain an understanding of issues currently menacing society and how to respond effectively to such threats. Major courses of the BA in Homeland Security degree include Introduction to Cyber-Terrorism, Organizing the War on Terrorism, Introduction to Homeland Security, and Domestic & International Terrorism. Students should be able to earn 120 credit hours to earn this degree.

Mississippi College

mississippi college

Mississippi College has an online Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security degree for working professionals and students seeking to pursue a career in anti-terrorism. It provides a comprehensive basis in justice fundamentals and electives that focus on homeland security concepts and theories. Graduates of Mississippi College’s BS in Homeland Security can work in a variety of job opportunities for federal and state agencies such as emergency management, law enforcement, intelligence analysis, and security departments. Coursework for this online Homeland Security degree includes Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Homeland Security, Introduction to Emergency Management, International Terrorism, and Legal Aspects of Homeland Security to name a few. Students need 130 credit hours to earn this degree.

Arizona State University

arizona state university

The online Bachelor of Science in Public Service and Public Policy (Emergency Management & Homeland Security) offered by Arizona State University prepares students with learning fundamentals that will help them tackle complex issues of mitigation of and responding to man-made and natural disasters. Graduates of this online program have the opportunity to work in different fields as emergency managers, logistics manager, security manager, political analyst, security supervisor, and CEOs. This 120 credit hours online program has mandatory courses such as Public Service Ethics, Homeland Security, Contemporary Policy Challenges, Juvenile Justice, Immigrants and Refugees, and Introduction to Criminology among others. A capstone project is required to earn this degree.

Thomas Edison State University

thomas edison state university

Trenton, New Jersey is home to Thomas Edison State University that offers an online Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management providing students with a broad perspective of homeland security and emergency management issues aligning with the five (5) National Preparedness System Mission namely prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. This online program is intended for interested students want to learn a wealth of knowledge related to homeland security and emergency management and prepares them for the daily decision-making required in the 9-11 post era. Required courses include Research Methods in the Social Sciences, Homeland Security: Preparedness, Prevention and Deterrence, Terrorism, and Protecting the Homeland, Response, and Recovery. Students need to acquire 120 credit hours to earn this degree.

Anderson University

anderson university south carolina

Located in Anderson, South Carolina, the Anderson University has an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice-Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness Concentration where students learn a variety of topics including measurements, causes, and characteristics of crime; correctional practices and systems; and the criminal due process. This is an online program that is designed for adults who are seeking careers related to homeland security/emergency preparedness. Also, graduates who choose this concentration are well-equipped with the necessary skills and capabilities needed in the positions with the federal, local, and state government agencies. The 123- credit hour online program of Anderson University is divided into three (3) categories namely General Education, Core Courses, and General Electives.

National University

national university

Based in La Jolla, California, National University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management degree that helps students prepare rewarding careers in business continuity, disaster management fields in the local, federal, and state governments, non-profit organizations, security, and private agency. They are tasked to research different government and private sectors and suggest improvements in preparing for calamities, disasters, and threats. This online homeland security program provides a strong foundation of learning fundamentals in the cultures of terrorism, practices, security issues, and political concerns; best practices to resolve and mitigate a pending emergency, and plan for effective business continuity plans. Required courses include Information Security, Domestic Security Management, Crisis Management, Disaster Management, and International and Domestic Terrorism among others.

Mercer University

mercer university

Established in Macon, Georgia, Mercer University has an online Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and  Emergency Management that is designed with a solid background of knowledge regarding issues in the public safety entities, and is tailored toward individuals who possess a keen interest in the homeland security and emergency response fields. One of the objectives of this online degree is to develop students’ communication skills and leadership abilities that enable them to respond efficiently in high-risk situations. A total number of 120 credit hours is required to earn this degree. Major courses that make up this online degree include Intelligence Gathering and Dissemination, The Effects of Disaster on Society, Foundations of Leadership, Field Experience, and Terrorism to name a few.

Eastern Kentucky University

eastern kentucky university

Eastern Kentucky University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security degree that leads to a solid understanding of disaster preparedness programs, business continuity management, and security management. This online program blends professional growth and preparation, and academic principles through course topics including critical infrastructure protection, disaster preparedness and response, emergency management, risk analysis, physical security, homeland security technology, and mitigation strategies. The credit hours required degree completion is 120. Core courses include Critical Problem Analysis, Policy, and Legal Analysis, Modern Natural Disasters, Security Management, and Disaster Resilience to name a few. A capstone project is required for graduation.

Saint Leo University

saint leo university

Saint Leo University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice- Homeland Security Specialization trains students to deter the succeeding terrorist threats, effectively respond to natural disasters, and provide security to the nation in the country’s borders, and in cybersecurity. This online degree program prepares students to become experts in law enforcement ethics, weapons of mass destruction, law, religious and economic forces, international and domestic terrorism, and the Middle Eastern political forces. Saint Leo is an approved educational institution that is partnered by the FBI National Academy Associates. This 120-credit hour online degree has required core courses such as Modern Middle East I and II, Introduction to Homeland Defense I and II, Local Response to Terrorism, and Exploitable Weaknesses in Terrorist Organizations among others.

Tulane University

tulane university

Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security degree that is based on a hands-on and practical curriculum led by leaders in the industry. This online program is suitable for individuals who are passionate about serving and protecting the community and coordinating security systems and safety on a large scale. Also, it is ideal for the currently employed as emergency medical responders or military personnel, as well as students who are eyeing for a career change. Major core courses include Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Transportation and Border Security I, Domestic and International Terrorism, and Critical Infrastructure Protection to name a few. Students must earn 120 credit hours to obtain this degree.

Southern New Hampshire University

southern new hampshire university

Manchester, New Hampshire is home to the Southern New Hampshire University that has an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice- Homeland Security & Counterterrorism degree providing an in-depth understanding of the threats of terrorism and how to respond effectively. Students will examine the history and nature of terrorism and how these terrorist groups succeed and fail, combat terror and how to respond to domestic or international terrorist campaigns. Also, they explore a wide range of security methodologies and develop the policy skills and analytical skills required in the industry. Core mandatory courses include Counterterrorism Techniques, Threat Assessment, and Fundamentals, Terrorist Techniques, and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance to name a few.

Angelo State University

angelo state university

The online Bachelor of Security Studies in Border and Homeland Security offered by Angelo State University is designed to spark an interest among students, and increase their awareness and understanding of the current issues in border security within the homeland security realm. Students improve their problem-solving skills and critical thinking capabilities while recognizing legal concerns related to emergency management, homeland security, and law enforcement. Required major courses include Professionalism and Ethics in Criminal Justice Agencies, Legal Issues in International Relations, Intelligence and Democracy: Issues and Conflicts, Cultural Competence: Making Sense of the World II, and Introduction to the Discipline of Intelligence among others. A total number of 120 credit hours is required for degree completion.

California University of Pennsylvania

california university pennsylavania

Based in California, Pennsylvania, the California University of Pennsylvania has an online Bachelor of Science in Homeland and International Security degree that will prepare students for a dynamic and rewarding career in the fields of international and homeland security. It offers an excellent blend of professional courses and liberal arts to develop the students’ critical thinking skills and communication skills as well as prepare them in leadership positions in international security, homeland security or other justice-related careers. Mandatory courses include Introduction to Security, Leadership and Ethics, Executive Protection, Principles of Homeland Security, and Cyber Crime Investigation among others.

University of Maryland-University College

university of maryland university college

Established in Adelphi, Maryland, the University of Maryland-University College offers an online Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security degree that develops students’ skills, knowledge, and capabilities essential for leadership and management in homeland security. This online degree program focuses on homeland security issues such as infrastructure protection, international relations, domestic and international terrorism, evaluation, and intelligence operations. Also, students learn a variety of topics in legal and political issues, research and technology, and ethics and leadership. Major core courses include Homeland Security and Intelligence, Public Safety Leadership, Strategic Planning in Homeland Security, Public Safety Policies and Leadership, and Infrastructure in Homeland Security among others. Students need to have 120 credit hours to earn this degree.

Marian University

marian university

Located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the Marian University has an online Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security degree that prepares students to solve problems, enhance human resource potential, and develop strategic business continuity plans. This online program is aligned with the principles set by the Department of Homeland Security and Defense Education Consortium Association (HSDECA). It provides students the learning fundamentals and strategies needed to defeat terrorism and build resilient peaceful communities in the U.S. This 120-credit hour online degree program of Marian University has a variety of mandatory core courses such as Combating Terrorism, Introduction to Homeland Security, Crisis Communication, Resource Management for Homeland Security, and Critical Perspectives of Disasters to name a few.

Mercy College

mercy college

Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York offers an online Bachelor of Science in Corporate and Homeland Security degree that provides a comprehensive understanding for students who are interested in pursuing a profession in the public or private sectors where security and business skills are valued as leadership and management teams. Students gain a multidisciplinary degree by enrolling in courses in security and business concepts, and the opportunity to have internships with agencies securing the country. For degree completion, students need to earn a total of 120 credit hours. Students must need to take major courses ranging from Principles of Management, Foundations of Risk Management, Investigative Tech & Reporting, Information Systems for Management, and Legal Aspects of Security Management among others.

Medaille College

medaille college

Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, Medaille College’s online Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security degree emphasizes practical topics such as emergency preparedness, security, legal issues, and terrorism. This online program offered by Medaille College molds students to become qualified leaders in the federal, local, and state government agencies, security, and law enforcement agencies. Also, students are equipped with tools, capabilities, and techniques that enable them to resolve the effects of natural and man-made disasters. The BS in Homeland Security graduates from the Medaille College establish careers in Cybersecurity, Law Enforcement, The Military, Emergency Management, and Legal and Political Analysis.

Campbell University

campbell university

Campbell University offers two online degrees related to Homeland Security namely Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security, and Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Homeland Security. Both degrees provide students an in-depth knowledge that will help them comprehend homeland security system, become familiar with domestic and international terrorism, learn vocabularies related to homeland security, and examine areas of the world in which global terrorist organization formation is existent. Also, these online homeland security programs provide students with skills and knowledge essential to work in the Homeland Security field through the broadening of students’ understanding of political, economic and social issues on the international and national security settings. All degrees require 124 credit hours for completion of the programs.


How much does it cost to earn an online Bachelors in Homeland Security Degree?

Homeland Security is becoming one of the fastest growing industries. Homeland security studies continue to expand at several universities and educational institutions around the country. As a result, the competition of these schools and universities boils down to the quality education and affordability they can offer to earn an online bachelor’s degree in homeland security. Completing an online homeland security degree allows working professionals to pursue their studies and gain the skills required for career advancement. When it comes to affordability, the cheapest online bachelors in homeland security cost $250 per credit or $6,400 annually. Generally, the cost to earn an online bachelors in homeland security degree ranges from $13,00-$35,000 per year depending on the students’ chosen university or college.

Are there financial aid options available for Bachelors in Homeland Security Degree students?

All students who are interested in pursuing an online bachelors in homeland security degree must complete the FAFSA to determine the eligibility for federal financial aid. Scholarship opportunities and grants are often available internally through the school or university. However, students can also apply for scholarships from external sources such as Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Award, Irlet Anderson Scholarship Award, DHS Scholarship Program, David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships, and AFCEA War Veteran Scholarships to name a few.

What can I do with a Bachelors in Homeland Security Degree?

Homeland security programs prepare students with a variety of professional careers in emergency management, criminal justice, and public safety. Most of these professionals are working in critical environments that require attention, focus, and vigilance on a variety of aspects. Career options range from positions in the field such as government agents, police officers, military personnel, and computer systems analyst as well as administrative positions as accountants, and human resource managers. Other professions that students and graduates of online Bachelors in Homeland Security degree include law enforcement careers in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. They also acquire immigration and travel security careers in the Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Some also keep mission support jobs in the Office of the Secretary, National Cybersecurity Center, and Office of Operations Coordination and Planning. Others become prevention and response specialists in the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Also, graduates of the bachelors in homeland security can continue their studies by earning a master’s degree in homeland security.

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