10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in International Business for 2019

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An Online Bachelor’s degree in International Business addresses the rising demand for business-inclined individuals who can lead and manage international trades efficiently. Although this online degree generally encompasses coursework that is broad and varied, the end goal of the program is to prepare students to become globally competent in business management.

In equipping students with the proficiency in international trade and commerce, an online Bachelor’s in International Business curriculum concerns itself with the differences in business culture at the multinational scale. The courses not only teach students the varied trading norms and languages; they also immerse future global business leaders into different cultures to allow them to understand business regulations and strategies and better strategize for success.

A broad range of career opportunities awaits online International Business degree holders. A successful online International Business graduate could become international trade specialists, marketing managers, import or export directors, and even be of service in government agencies operating internationally. International business professionals with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $54,000 a year or as high as $78,500 annually.

Methodology Used To Determine Our Picks of the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in International Business:

We rounded up the 10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in International Business for 2019. This list puts together the online degrees that, in many ways, are deemed the most viable options for adult learners. The coursework of the online International Business undergraduate program in the colleges and universities emphasizes the rigorous education and training students acquire to produce future competent professionals in the field.

The international market is a dynamic one that requires the right amount of knowledge and skills from professionals. Recognizing this need, all the online schools on this list require their students to complete subjects and classes that keep them in the know. Ultimately, the degree courses and concentrations are meant to expose students to the most modern methods, strategies, and principles in International Business.

The 10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in International Business for 2019 also talks about other standout program features such as admission requirements, program duration and acceleration options, credit transfer programs, and fair tuition rates. This list also underscores the career paths that students are likely to take based on their specialization or the level of undergraduate training they receive.

Liberty University

liberty university

Liberty University offers a fully online degree program in Business Administration with a specialization in International Business. Like many competent online courses at LU, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-International Business offered by the university aims to orient interested individuals of the real score in the international market. The online courses immerse students into the global culture of trade, business negotiation, and business accountability. Other featured courses under the online International Business of Liberty University are present-day issues in international business, global industries and operations, international market integration and trade agreements, and export management strategy. Within an average of three years, students enrolled under the program may well be on their way to becoming a global manager, tourist manager, trade specialist, and even future leaders of the state. Individuals who are inclined toward international business may take advantage of the online course program at LU with benefits to enjoy such as tuition discounts at $250 for undergraduate (per credit hour), zero set log-in times with eight different start dates per year, and even more benefits and discounts for veterans.

Minnesota State University, Mankato

minnesota state university mankato

Nestled in a 303-acre of land overlooking the beautiful Minnesota River Valley, Minnesota State University in Mankato offers the online Bachelor of Science in International Business degree program.  It is run by the Marketing and International Business Department of the Business College. The online degree seeks to advance students’ understanding of the marketing and international business landscape such that they contribute to the global economy and meet its many challenges. Admission to the IBus Major program requires at least 2.70 total cumulative GPA, and 33 General Education credits. Students need to take 300 and 400 level online courses to complete the IBus Major Online major. Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Legal, Political, and Regulatory Environment of Business, Professional Preparation for Business Careers, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Statistics, Management, and Philosophy. Minnesota State University is recognized by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It is also considered by the Council on Undergraduate Research as one of the country’s leading undergraduate research academic institutions.

Walden University

Walden University

At Walden University, the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program’s coursework is one that emphasizes the significance of mastering international business and trade. With the increased demand rates of the global economy, the online degree program aims to teach students the fundamentals of international collaboration. Throughout the online coursework, students are expected to excel in critical thinking and analysis, application of global business ethics, in-depth research, and technology application. At the end of the online degree program, students will be able to identify international business issues in the political, economic, legal, and even social perspectives. The online Bachelor’s degree program at Walden University is also one way for students to earn a certificate in Data Science. This additional program features five courses in Date Science to further enrich each online learner’s skills in the field of international business.

Schiller International University

schiller international university

Schiller International University continuously keeps up with the demands of businesses that thrive in the international market. The university has done so by providing competent students as a result of its online International Business Bachelor Degree program. The online degree program in International Business of SIU has foreseen the inevitability of international business problems. As such, the online course format aims to prepare students for the application of solutions to global business disputes. The online degree program produces graduates that are competent in identifying critical factors in globalization and applying business strategies accordingly to help successful businesses thrive in the foreign markets. The online International Business degree program of SIU focuses more on formulating solutions that would generate long-term benefits to companies in international markets. The university requires a total of 120 credit hours for an individual to earn a degree in International Business officially.

Florida International University

florida international university

Becoming a successful International Business degree holder is made a lot easier at Florida International University. FIU offers a fully online Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business curriculum to individuals who are highly interested in global businesses. The program provides a comprehensive overview of international trade and equips students with the ideal sets of skills and knowledge to excel and make a mark in the global market. The online degree program is not limited to international business principles. It does not restrict students from learning the basics in international business, like foreign exchange systems, trade agreements, and supra-national organizations. Another objective of the FIU’s BBA in International Business is to broaden the knowledge of students on a global scale. The 120-credit-hour online degree program at FIU is open to both freshmen and international students. The in-state cost per credit is $212.71 while the out-of-state cost per credit is $329.77.

Fort Hays State University

fort hays state university

Fort Hays State University is home to many concentrations for its online Bachelors of Business Administration degree. Its 100% online Business Administration with a Major in International Business and Economics demonstrates how FHSU upholds the significant factors that make or break an international business. Under the online degree program, students can acknowledge how vital economics, finance, marketing, management, and accounting are in an international company. They will gradually further their knowledge of the varied culture, customs, and even business traditions that may be possibly encountered in the international market. Students can learn how to deal with situations relevant to the global business landscape efficiently. To earn the degree online, a student must complete at most 124 credit hours with 39 hours credited against the International Business and Economics Major.

Johnson and Wales University

johnson and wales university

At Johnson and Wales University students are expected to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – International Business that entirely online in four years. JWU offers a career-focused online degree program that will only take 11 weeks to thoroughly learn the core course in International Business and become a successful degree holder. While enrolled under the online BBA – International Business degree program at JWU, students learn the basics of the degree and apply the major concepts, principles, and theories in international business. Students will also learn to communicate effectively to foreign investors and members of the international business community. Besides learning the technical aspect of international trade and business, students are also made aware of the diversity of global business cultures. JWU online encourages students to utilize contemporary solutions and tools to address business-related problems promptly. The highlights of the online course include international finance, culture and protocol, resource management, and business law.

Southern New Hampshire University

southern new hampshire university

Southern New Hampshire University is a sought-after university in Manchester, New Hampshire for offering a top-notch online Bachelor’s in Business Administration-International Business degree. For interested individuals who wish to earn an International Business degree at SNHU, a comprehensive program involves courses that offer a lucrative career path for future professionals. Not only will students be prepared for domestic business-related concerns, but they will also learn useful skills to be competent future decision makers and managers who will address international business challenges. Under the International Business concentration, students emerge as systematic and meticulous researchers who will contribute valuable data affecting business management strategies and decisions.

Minot State University

Minot State University

Accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, the College of Business of Minot State University offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in International Business degree program open to individuals who wish to pursue further studies in the field encompassing global economy, commerce, government, and industry. At MSU, enrollees to the online degree program are immersed into different international cultures. This experience forms part of the online coursework that allows students to enhance communication and negotiation skills, and gain the skills to become effective international business experts and specialists. The online International Business curriculum at Minot State University encourages students to see their learning experience from a real-life global business perspective.

University of Houston – Downtown

university of houston downtown

The University of Houston-Downtown in Houston, Texas offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration-International Business degree program. It showcases the fundamentals of International Business transactions and immerses into the different business cultures. The online curriculum is set to develop a set of skills in every individual, so they are equipped to meet the challenges of the field, including quick problem solving, team skills, planning, and communication. Learning how business processes work in different parts of the world is one o the highlights of the in-depth discussions. At UHD, students do not have to worry when enrolling in the online International Business undergraduate degree. The university guarantees 24/7 technical support to assist students as they navigate their online learning platform.

What is taught in an online Bachelor’s in International Business program?

Coursework varies depending on the University offering the online Bachelor’s in International Business program. Generally, courses are not limited to international economics, business laws, and policies, global economic management, international trade, and investment law, and microeconomics.

Why would I want to earn an online Bachelor’s in International Business degree?

Gaining a cross-culture perspective is just one of the many reasons anyone would want to earn a degree in International Business. It allows individuals to learn different languages and communicate effectively to speak different trades and collaborate with a wide range of businesses internationally.

What jobs can I get with an online Bachelor’s in International Business degree?

One can never go wrong with a degree in online International Business as interesting and fulfilling jobs await any successful individual. Job opportunities include foreign market analysts, financial analysts, sales representatives, financial examiners, and commodities sales agents.

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