20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Project Management for 2019

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Graduates of an online Bachelor’s in Project Management degree have various career options waiting for them. It provides solid foundational knowledge and skills that allow degree holders to launch their careers in today’s highly diverse industries. According to the salary survey by the Project Management Institute (PMI), project management professionals earn 23% higher on average across the countries surveyed. Survey respondents are holders of Project Management Professional (PMP) certification that gives the definite competitive advantage over other professionals. The data suggest that PMPs excel in organizational roles, making an online Bachelor’s in Project Management degree all the more appealing.

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In general, the degree prepares graduates to fill project management roles in diverse working environments. They are highly adaptable, competent, and driven by the initiative to aid productivity in the organization. Project management professionals often take the lead role in complex projects, adopting strategies to meet deadlines and impress clients while maintaining a work-life balance. Since they are exposed to real workplace dynamics, they are knowledgeable in combating organizational conflicts that may hinder efficiency and productivity. Plus, they have the educational background and the experiential knowledge to lead any business to success!

An online Bachelor’s in Project Management degree is not limited to white collar industries. Professionals in the field also take on critical roles in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and agriculture. Knowledgeable in all aspects of efficient project management from planning to inception, degree holders can fit in any role. However, to become a valuable asset to the company, they must first overcome the demanding coursework of the online program.


Our 20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Project Management for 2019 showcases the country’s leading colleges and universities that deliver the web-based undergraduate degree program.


  • It is a profiled list of the rigorous coursework online students complete within four years, on average. The quality of education that students get is attributed to, among other things, their credible professors with extensive industry experience,
  • This list also factors in the students’ learning experience,
  • Integral to the degree program is the virtual learning platform utilized for the classes, including the ease of access to online coursework and the online support, offered to students,
  • We also mention the fast-track degree completion options, if any, which are made available to qualified students through transfer credits programs.
  • The online schools also provide career services, assisting students with navigating their future work and career pathways,

Begin your career as a project management professional by choosing from this list of the best online schools for a Bachelor’s in Project Management.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Online Bachelor of Science in Project Management

embry riddle aeronautical university

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) is one of the top online schools that offer Bachelor of Science in Project Management. ERAUS’s project management majors are highly-qualified in handling the project’s plan, budget, risk assessment, and various documentary requirements. It is a 120-credit hours program that can be completed in a minimum of four years. Students are exposed to general education courses in communication theory and skills, humanities, and social sciences. Staying true to its roots in aeronautics and the military, the curriculum includes courses that gravitate toward the airline industry. The skills learned from the online program can be readily applied to various sectors where graduates assume leadership roles.

ERAU maintains the standards set by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which serves as an indication of academic excellence. The curriculum centers in common business, and project management core courses. Embry-Riddle offers a 4+1 program option which allows students to finish their master’s degree in just a year. Students who avail this option take master’s level courses during their fourth year.

Colorado State University-Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Project Management

colorado state university-global campus

Through Colorado State University’s-Global Campus, project management majors can finish their degree anywhere, and at their convenience. CSU-Global Campus’ online Bachelor of Science in Project Management is a fully online degree program which prepares students for important roles in nearly every industry. The program highlights ten three-credit core courses as a part of the total of the 120-credit curriculum. Under the university’s BS in Project Management, students are given the opportunity to analyze and apply theories and concepts on contracts, asset procurement, project planning, scheduling, control, and risk assessment to create tangible results.

CSU equips learners and graduates with crucial project management skills and tools to effectively translate their knowledge into real-life situations. The program also gives students the freedom to customize their degree by adding a specialization. Each specialization requires five upper-division courses in degree-specific areas. Among the popular concentrations are Business Administration, Computer Programming, Emergency Management, Healthcare Management, Foundations of Accounting, Human Resources, and Organizational Development, and International Business. There are 22 specializations to choose from. Because of the extensive coursework, graduates can quickly adapt to the demands of any work environment.

Regis University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business with Project Management Specialization

regis university

Regis University recognizes the need for an area-specific degree program. The university is offering an online Bachelor of Science in Business with Project Management specialization. It is a 120-credit undergraduate curriculum offered through Regis University’s College of Business and Economics. It is a curriculum which emphasizes the crucial aspects of the project management development process, including planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and project completion.

The B.S. in Business with a Project Management specialization follows an asynchronous format, allowing distance learners to set their own learning pace. You can choose between five-week and eight-week terms, depending on your schedule. At the end of the program, all students have had an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of economics and business administration. The Regis University Project Management curriculum is in line with the standards of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide. Most importantly, graduates can take the PMI certification for an additional credential.

Liberty University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Project Management

liberty university

Liberty University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Project Management is available 100% online for interested distance learners. The degree is centered in teaching the core competencies of time management, human and financial resource, and execution.

The B.S. in Business Administration-Project Management degree consists of 120 credit hours and is typically completed in four years. Through Liberty’s business courses, graduates lead with confidence as they join the competitive market of project management professionals. Specifically, the degree program is an excellent choice for earning a Master of Business Administration. Among the core business courses are project management, operations management, principles of management, and leading global projects. It is worth noting that Liberty University is among the very few online universities that place importance in global project management issues.

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration-Project Management

southern new hampshire university

The online Bachelors in Business Administration-Project Management program at Southern New Hampshire University is designed for professionals who want to advance their careers. It provides an overview of how operations and project management work and how they are interrelated. SNHU’s online project management degree is excellent undergraduate preparation for acing the PMI’s certification in project management (CAPM).

The online degree at SNHU equips students with a range of tools, skills, resources, and practical, real-world knowledge to excel in the field. Learn from the university’s reputable professors, and gain in-depth educational background in management of demand forecasting, production planning, inventory control, logistics, supply chain management, and quality control. Students must complete 120 credit hours to qualify for graduation.

University of Wisconsin-Stout

Online Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Project Management

university of wisconsin stout

The University of Wisconsin-Stout students can earn an online Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Project Management. Reputable accreditation authorities accredit Stout’s business courses, which also follow the 120-credit standard requirement set by the PMI. Under the concentration, students learn core business courses such as advanced project management, business and professional speaking, business process management, procurement, sourcing and supply chain management, and quality management.

Project management majors culminate their online degree with a practicum in an industry of their choice. This is an ideal opportunity to highlight their learnings and gain industry experience. The University of Wisconsin-Stout graduates are skilled in the application of methodologies, techniques, and tools to effectively manage complex projects.

City University of Seattle

Online Bachelor of Science in Project Management

city university of seattle

Earning an online Bachelor of Science in Project Management from the City University of Seattle takes your project management career to the next level. The extensive curriculum consists of 180 credits hours. Students gain an in-depth understanding of the level of proficiency expected of a project management professional. Among the core courses taught in the program are scheduling and budgeting, risk assessment, effective communication, project risk and change management, and leadership and teams. Most importantly, CUS BS in Project Management students gain the agility to prepare them for real-world challenges and opportunities.

Senior students take a capstone course entitled Project Integration Action Learning Project, which is a five-credit requirement before graduation. Additionally, students take up information technology or specialized study. Both academic paths follow the intensive curriculum set by CityU. However, those who choose specialized education have the freedom to engage in independent study and complete their internship in industry-specific organizations.

Saint Leo University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a specialization in Project Management

saint leo university

Saint Leo University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a specialization in Project Management. SLU’s project management concentration is ideal preparation for professional development. It is a 120-credit curriculum which emphasizes project risk management, contracts, and procurement, project teamwork and leadership, quality improvement and management, project management implementation.

Students in a specialized bachelor’s degree are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities for them to gain experiential knowledge and skills. Saint Leo takes pride in producing highly competent graduates who excel in the project management profession.

Minnesota State University Moorhead

Online Bachelor of Science in Project Management

Minnesota State University Moorhead’s (MSUM) project management courses and curriculum are specifically designed for students who intend to take leading organizational roles. The online Bachelor of Science in Project Management from MSUM focuses on building student’s ability in defining, planning, executing and closing projects. It is among the select online programs to have earned accreditation through the Global Accreditation Center (GAC). This enables the university to open the degree to distance learners across the tri-state area.

MSUM encourage students to take at least 30-45 units of core requirements. As they advance in the program, students gain technical and managerial knowledge which will, later on, translate to visionary leadership. The fundamental principles drive BS in Project Management graduates to excel across industries, disciplines, or job titles. Their technical, behavioral, and strategic expertise are the defining factors of an MSUM graduate. Take part of the university’s 2+2 program, and earn your online BS in Project Management degree in just two years.

Brandman University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology with an emphasis in Project Management

brandman university

Brandman University is innovating its online undergraduate programs to adapt to the changing world or business and trade. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology with an emphasis in Project Management is a product of this innovation. It is an online degree program which focuses on the latest practical technologies that drive today’s industries. Students in the program gain transferable experience in how to apply building modules in planning, managing, and the overall structure of projects. Integrating business principles and practical skills and tools of project management in the study of computer technology leads to logical and foolproof project design and implementation.

The online project management curriculum is a 120-credit hours curriculum that highlights core computer technology courses. These include programming, security, and networking. Additionally, the coursework will teach students that necessary skills and knowledge in organizational communication, object-oriented programming, leadership and professional ethics, and team building. All students are required to finish a capstone project in computer science to graduate.

Northeastern University

Online Bachelor’s degree in Project Management

For years, Northeastern University has provided a viable option for distance learners across the country. It is offering a wide range of online undergraduate and graduate programs that align with the current employment trend today. Northeastern’s Bachelor’s degree in Project Management is one of the most popular degree options. Through the internship requirements, they gain experiential knowledge of every aspect of project management – from inception to completion.

Northeastern University graduates are exposed to comprehensive coursework which covers principles of management, supply chain management, human resource management, innovation and change management, and business strategy. Graduates are capable of negotiation and conflict resolution which translates to their leadership performance.

Malone University

Online Accelerated Degree Completion in Project Management

malone university

A Christ-centered academic institution, Malone University offers a highly diverse online undergraduate degree. The university provides an online Accelerated Degree Completion in Project Management. It delivers great flexibility for students who are employed and maintains a busy schedule. Since the degree is offered through the university’s accelerated format, students can complete the entire coursework in 12 months.

Malone University recognizes the competitive employment market and allows students to pick a specialty. This will enable them to graduate with area-specific expertise which would entail a stronger credential. Choose to specialize in Marketing Management or Environmental Management. You will gain a significant network through the university’s renowned management mentor. Prepare for a prolific career in business management operations, information technology, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, health care, or engineering.

Davenport University

Online Bachelor of Science in Technology Project Management

davenport university

The Bachelor of Science in Technology Project Management from Davenport University (DU) is a perfect choice for those who are leaning towards a career in technology-based organizations. It requires the completion of a total of 120 credit hours and full-time students can earn a degree in four years. DU implements intensive and comprehensive coursework which puts primacy in advanced mathematics, fundamentals of business, diversity in society, business law foundations, and foundations of technology. Within the project management degree, you can choose from 6 specialty areas, which would make up 18-20 credits.

Prepare for a career in a high demand field and grab various opportunities for long-term professional growth. Choose to specialize in Accounting Information Systems Specialty (AISS), Computer Information Systems Specialty (CISS), Health Information Management Specialty (HIMS), Information Security Specialty (ISS0, Networking Specialty (NTS), or Professional Focused Technical Specialty (FTS). With Davenport University’s online project management degree, graduates sustain high-level proficiencies that create a positive impact in the industry.

University of the Incarnate Word

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Project Management

university of the incarnate word

Distance learners can earn a bachelor’s degree in today’s highly sought-after area of study through the University of the Incarnate Word (UIU) Professional Studies Department. Begin a prolific career in project management when you earn an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Project Management. The degree requires 120 credits which usually takes four years complete.

UIU’s online project management concentration prepares graduates to executive level careers, especially leadership and operations management. Due to the extensive coursework, graduates gain a broad knowledge of financial accounting, managerial accounting, management of information systems, macroeconomics, microeconomics, legal aspects of business, and models of management services. To qualify in the program, candidates must have attained five years of relevant work or educational experience after graduating from high school. This is an indication of UIU’s dedication to top quality education.

Bellevue University

Online Bachelor of Science in Project Management

bellevue university

Bellevue University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Project Management. Generally, the degree that prepares students to lead project teams in various industries. The coursework integrates business and leadership principles with the fundamental strategies and skills expected of a project management professional. It teaches leadership skills and planning strategies that apply to business, regardless of industry.

Bellevue’s online BS Project Management degree comes highly recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Following the standards set by the PMI, it requires 127 credits which can be completed in two years. On top of the required credit hours, students are expected to complete a capstone project as a final requirement for graduation.

Charleston Southern University

Online Bachelor of Science in Project Management

charleston southern university

Graduates of the online Bachelor of Science in Project Management from Charleston Southern University (CSU) thrive in the industry where they are today. The undergraduate course is designed to prepare students for the demands of the workforce, across various industries. It can be completed 100% online and is offered through Charleston University Online. The university boasts its online project management degree because of its flexibility and affordability. And it claims to be the perfect choice for working professionals who are looking for career advancements.

The BS in Project Management curriculum offers area-specific courses that are relevant to the modern organizational structure. Core courses include a total of 51 credit hours of Project Management and 47 credit hours of Liberal Arts. Earn proficiency is business law, business ethics, international business, accounting principles for managers, business policy, and project planning and implementation. However, students must earn at least 125 credit hours to obtain the degree. You can choose from a variety of elective courses, or specialization to complete the credit requirement.

National University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Management with a specialization in Project Management

national university

National University provides students with an option to specialize in Project Management. NU boasts its number one ranking as San Diego’s best and most extensive private non-profit educational institution. Under the university’s Finance and Economics Department, distance learners have access to an online Bachelor of Arts in Management. Students gain an edge in the business arena while they develop their leadership competencies as a project management professional. Due to the highly flexible online programs, students have the freedom to continue their day-to-day affairs while staying on top of their coursework.

The four-week program emphasizes core business courses, including business fundamentals, business law and ethics, operations management, organizational behavior, and finance and economics. These courses are laser-focused on practical implications on the project planning, assessment, operations, and execution of an organization. Learn the basics of running the complex process and project management and conduct the business at par with global standards.

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Online Bachelor of Science in Project Management

wentworth institute of technology

Take advantage of the country’s leading and dedicated project management degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology. The online Bachelor of Science in Project Management is offered 100% online. It follows the academic standard set by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and adopts a curriculum specifically developed for the course. Academic instructions and coursework are given by industry leaders and licensed professionals. Following the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, you are assured that you are getting the best training in project management.

To earn the degree, you must complete the 128 credit hours. Gain in-depth knowledge in leadership and management, professional communications, introduction to project management, organizational behavior, marketing management, business research methods, project planning, scheduling, and control, financial accounting, financial management, project risk management, managerial accounting, and project evaluation and performance. Wentworth does not accept transfer credits—a true indication of academic excellence.

Baker College

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Services with a concentration in Project Management

baker college

Baker College is an academic institution that has continuously provided high-quality education to countless distance learners. The college offers an online Bachelor of Science in Information Services with a concentration in Project Management. It follows a very straightforward, 120 credit hours curriculum which highlights both business principles and information technology. Graduates are groomed with the essential skills needed to manage and grow any company’s information technology department.

Computer and information technology is a growing field, and a concentration in project management is an invaluable credential. Earn the degree in four years, and propel your career to the top. Gain proficiency in accounting, programming languages, C++ and Java, statistical methods, as well as the legal and ethical aspects of technology. On the business side, students learn project planning, negotiation strategies, leading project teams, senior design project in project management, and contracting and procurement for project managers.

George Fox University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management

george fox university

Earn a dedicated bachelor’s degree in Project Management under George Fox University’s Adult Degree Programs. The program aims to balance practice and theory in the field of project management. Students are trained to become active project managers who are capable, competent, and efficient in their work. The curriculum meets industry standards set by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) as well as the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (ASAPM). It is also worth noting that the university includes competencies required by the PMI.

Upon completing the 126-credit-hour program, graduates are knowledgeable in project management, waterfall project management methodologies, agile project management methodologies, ethics for project managers, change management, team management, and leadership. George Fox University graduates demonstrate behavioral competencies necessary for successful project execution.


project management degree

Most Project Management online undergraduate programs focus on honing students’ ability to manage their time, supervise the workforce, and manage resources. It is a practical course that emphasizes core business concepts while maintaining a strong overview of the subject. Students are typically exposed to the concepts of organizational leadership, management principles, accounting, and marketing. Because Project Management covers a broad area of study, most online programs offer industry-specific concentrations. Among the popular concentrations are healthcare management, computer networking, and information technology.







What can be expected from an online Bachelor’s in Project Management curriculum?

project management

An online Bachelor’s in Project Management covers a broad range of both academic and practical courses. The curriculum primarily deals with business topics and issues that directly affect project management. Courses may vary, as online schools tend to design a unique degree program. However, most project management curriculum will focus on the different aspects of project management – planning, scope, time management, resources, effective communication, quality assurance, cost, and risks. Students will learn effective techniques and practical tools to counter any conflict from the project’s inception until its completion. Excellent management skills are reflected in how well a project manager handles risks while maintaining timeframe, resources, communication, and project quality. You will have in-depth lectures in each of these stages, and more.

How long does it usually take to earn an online Bachelor’s in Project Management?

project managers

Generally, a bachelor’s degree in project management takes four years to complete. There are online schools that do not accept transfer credits. Through with limited transfer credits, they maintain their status as a reputable source of higher education. However, there are online schools which offer an accelerated format, allowing you to finish the degree in two years. Regardless of what academic path you choose, you will need to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to be credited with the online degree.

Take note of the format by which lectures and coursework are delivered. An asynchronous format will give you more flexibility. You can finish your task at your own pace, which will significantly affect the length of your study. The synchronous or cohort-based format, on the other hand, students work through the coursework together. This means that your completion time will depend on the predetermined pace. Whichever you pick, the goal should be successful degree completion.

What are my career options after earning a Bachelor’s in Project Management?

project mgmt

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management, graduates are qualified to fill a wide range of business roles. You can find employment in technical or science-oriented industries. A degree in project management means that you have the core competencies required to perform well. You can find a rewarding career as a computer and information system manager, construction manager, engineering manager, health services manager, or emergency management directors. These are top-tier positions that only a few are qualified. Whether you choose to begin in entry-level positions or aim at executive roles, you have the knowledge and skills to excel. As a project management professional, you have a finite source of employment.

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