Is a career in Computer Science for me?

Young children of today have access to modern technology from day one, so it’s not surprising that the graduates of today are interested in making a career out of their love for computers. If you are thinking ahead and planning your future while still in high school, you should take all the relevant coursework you can to assist you along the way such as, programming languages, mathematics and any other computer-related classes you can attend… but only if you have a true passion for it. As a career in computer science is not for everyone, how do you know if it’s the right career choice for you? Here’s a few points to consider.

Let’s start with the obvious.  Do you plan on receiving a quality education that will give you the ability to comprehend and apply your knowledge to the task at hand. Within your online Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science program, no doubt, you will learn the skills necessary to succeed. In addition, you will need to stay up-to-date on the latest technology with continued education and training. Additional education helps you to work more sufficiently, as well as, show your employer that you are committed and dedicated to furthering your career and maximizing profits for their business.

Are you a problem-solver? Two important skills in computer science involves excellent critical thinking skills and creativity. Most often, we can all agree that there is more than one way to solve a problem. In computer science, you will be asked to find an answer to a complex problem. Through creative thinking, you can identify the problem and successfully sort through solutions to find the best answer.

How’s your memory? Do you have the capabilities to learn and retain many programming languages and software programs? To maximize production and efficiency, a good memory will help. Do you enjoy or just tolerate math? A strong mathematics background is necessary in most computer applications.

You must be logical. In computer programming, logical thinking will go a long way when working in algorithms and coding. Professionals in computer science-based careers must be well-organized and pay attention to detail. Even the smallest of mistakes can cause mayhem in the way a computer program will perform for you. You must be well-focused on what you are doing at all times. If your attention span is limited, perhaps computer science is not for you.

But what if you do mess up? Can you quickly recover and move on or are you inclined to give up and say forget it? In computer science, one must be determined and willing to be assertive and persistent in achieving the desired results. Don’t give up, just learn from your mistakes!  Your online Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science program will help you achieve your goals.

Your employer may request more than one task from you at a time. Can you multi-task? Can you manage your time wisely? Are you capable of determining what is a priority? These are all issues that every computer programmer must face on a daily basis. Also, can you handle stress? Frequently, you may be under pressure to complete a task for your employer or a customer with several other projects waiting in the wings.

With today’s technology of texting and sending e-mails, personal communication is not always the first method of choice, however, clients appreciate one-on-one, face-to-face personal attention that they deserve. Can you effectively speak to others? You often must be in constant communication with customers, your employer or fellow employees. Oh, and can you be a team player, when needed? Although some jobs require working alone, others will require working as part of a team. In addition, proper written skills are helpful, too.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, perhaps you have considered establishing your own business based on your knowledge of computer science. If so, please consider your abilities to also utilize your business and financial skills to be truly successful. Without a doubt, to succeed in your own business, all elements must work in tandem.

If you like a good challenge, you will enjoy a career in computer science. As all types of businesses need computer experts, you will be sure to find a niche that suits you and your personality. If you are interested in learning more about this career, please see our list of the Best Online Bachelor of Computer Science Degree Programs that we have compiled to help you in your endeavors. Good luck!

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