What kind of career and salary can I expect with an online Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science?

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science opens up a wide, wide array of opportunities. As you ponder upon what type of career you would like to have, you may also think about what sort of industry atmosphere you would like to work in.

As the field of computer science is so varied, you can work in any type of company you wish, unlike some careers that dictate where you must work. Computer science majors are needed in all private and public industries, such as, in financial institutions, medical facilities, technology companies, insurance companies or any retail corporation, who sells anything form household goods or clothing to automobiles.

Let’s look at a few specific options, however, keep in mind that the positions can be available in any industry type. A Computer Systems Software Engineer is hired to write computer programs, as well as, edit them and then test them, all while utilizing special software languages. They make sure that the computer systems are running efficiently and are meeting the needs of the users. In this position, you will most likely work with others to cohesively create newly developed software. Attention to detail and critical thinking skills are a must. The salary for a Computer Systems Software Engineer ranges from between $64,600 to $159,850 annually, with an average of $106,000 per year.

Web Developers require a more creative side. Their duties require the creation of fun and exciting websites. Within this career, you may hold a title such as, Webmaster, Web Architect or Web Designer. Some positions in web development only require an associate degree, however, with today’s technology, an online Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is the preferred degree, if you wish to secure optimum pay. With a 27% job growth rate between now and 2024, web development is a wise career choice with an average salary of $66,130 annually. They are also responsible for the websites performance and for watching website usage.

If you enjoy using computer languages such as, Java and C++, perhaps a career as a Computer Programmer is a good choice for you. Their duties include writing and testing code that allows software programs to function at their best. As the Software Developer and Engineers design programs, the Computer Programmer turns them into usable instructions for the computer. They also work at eliminating computer bugs. The average salary for a Computer Programmer is approximately $79,840 per year.

With an online Bachelor of Computer Science degree, you may elect to focus your efforts on becoming a Database Administrator. The average salary for this position is $84,950 per year, with a faster than average job outlook of 11% between now and 2026. As a Database Administrator, you will be responsible for organizing and storing data by using specialized software. The information is then available for secure users, as well as, providing security for unauthorized usage. Database Administrators can work in financial institutions, insurance companies or medical facilities, just to name a few.

There are many other careers in the field of computer science that may interest you, such as, Computer Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, Computer Scientist, Computer Security Specialist, Graphic Artist or a Video Game Designer, among others. If you would like to learn more about this field, please check out our list of the Best Online Bachelor of Computer Science Degree Programs.

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