What kind of career and salary can I expect with an online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management?

Upon completion of your online Bachelor of Construction Management degree program, you will have learned how to be successful within the field of construction. You’ve learned building, marketing, accounting and leadership skills to put you on the path to success. Now, it’s time to put your knowledge to use. In addition, you’ve probably had time to choose a specialization, as well. However, if you have not, there are plenty of options to consider. In construction management, there are many steps of the building process to choose from.

Perhaps the most popular choice in the construction business is that of the Construction Manager. In this position, your job is to provide leadership to your team as they construct a project under your direction. Construction Managers are also called General Contractors or Project Managers and typically, supervise a variety of projects such as, homes, businesses, shopping malls or any other type of facility. Their duties also include preparing estimates and presentations, adhering to all building and safety codes, in addition to, working closely with clients, subcontractors and office personnel. They coordinate schedules between subcontractors and must meet applicable deadlines. The salary for a Construction Manager ranges from between $53,740 to $158,330 per year, with an average annual salary of $89,300. With this salary comes a lot of responsibility, sometimes with several projects going on at once. You may also expect long work hours to meet deadlines and may be on call 24/7. Those with a bachelor’s degree and some work experience have the best chances at securing a career as a Construction Manager.

An Architect earns approximately $76,930 annually with their bachelor’s degree. An Architect plans and designs houses, commercial buildings, factories, or other facilities for individuals or corporate clients. The Architect is a very important player in the construction of a design. They are knowledgeable in the structural requirements of a build, as well as, the best type of materials to use for that particular project. They work closely with contractors and subcontractors to assure that a project is done properly from start to finish. Their designs must be considered safe according to all building codes and safety regulations and their designs must be aesthetically pleasing, as well. In addition, their plans must meet the functional needs of the client.

If you choose to focus your efforts within the realm of residential housing, your online Bachelor of Construction Management degree will be most helpful. The Home Contractor typically is self-employed and will focus their efforts on the development of subdivisions and the like. The average salary of a Home Contractor is $94,450 annually, however, depending on the housing market, can earn significantly more. Home Contractors hire their own subcontractors such as plumbing, electrical, roofing, bricking and heating/air technicians.

A project can not be started without the land or foundation being surveyed and prepared properly. A career as a Surveyor also requires a bachelor’s degree and the typical salary for this position is about $59,390 annually. They are tasked with measuring a property’s boundaries and they research the shape and form of the land’s surface for construction projects, engineering or mapmaking. Surveyors work in all weather conditions and their job may require a generous amount of rigorous walking on rough terrain.

Speaking of the rugged outdoors, perhaps your passion within building involves an interest in our infrastructures such as, designing and building structures for public transportation. A Civil Engineer requires a bachelor’s degree and earns $83,540 or more annually, depending on experience. In addition to roads and bridges, they also design and build tunnels, dams, as well as, water and sewage treatment facilities.

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