What would my duties be as a Construction Manager?

As a child, one of your first toys might have been those wooden building blocks with the alphabet on them. As you learned about stacking and balance, perhaps they were your favorite toy. As you grew older and progressed, perhaps those tiny, colorful plastic pieces were your construction material of choice. Without a doubt, even at an early age, you were a Construction Manager in the making.

But, what are the duties of a Construction Manager, you ask? The main responsibility is to oversee the construction of a project, however, there is more to becoming a Construction Manager than getting your hands dirty and building something from nothing, although that is every contractor’s end goal.

Construction Managers are sometimes also referred to as General Contractors or Project Managers. As indicated in the title, management is a key responsibility for the Construction Manager and earning an online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management is the desired degree for this position.

As previously stated, although an extensive knowledge of the construction process is mandatory, there are other duties, as well. Managers are often hired to oversee the construction of a particular project or structure. They typically hire subcontractors to assist them with plumbing, electrical, heating and air installation, in addition to, painting and roofing.

Normally, an Architect will design a project, however, the Construction Manager will oversee the actual building process, whether it is building from the ground up or perhaps an extensive renovation project. They work closely with the client and with subcontractors, engineers and general construction workers to ensure a job well done and that personnel are getting paid in a timely manner, as well as, overseeing the payment to vendors for materials.

As you attend your online Bachelor of Construction Management degree program, you will learn about different areas of specializations one might choose to pursue. Some prefer to concentrate in building commercial structures only or maybe, the field of residential homes is your preference. Other areas such as building bridges or roads, convention arenas or amusement parks may be of interest to you. Most Construction Managers are self-employed, however, if you had rather work for a large company, perhaps escaping the responsibilities of owning your own business, there are several venues to consider, such as, construction firms, real-estate developers, architecture firms and other specialty contractors.

Although maybe not as fun, but absolutely necessary, you will need to have good business sense. As a Construction Manager, your clients will look to you for support as they see their project come to fruition. To make the experience delightful for everyone, you must manage your time wisely. When someone is anxious for their dream home to be built, you must work with them closely to realize their vision, all while maintaining budget concerns, obtaining the proper building permits, in addition to, ensuring the safety of yourself and your employees.

Office duties for the Construction Manager may include the hiring of foremen and subcontractors. This may include gathering human resource information for payroll and insurance, as well as, constructing design plans, estimating costs, preparing contracts and presenting proposals. You will also oversee the scheduling of construction workers and conducting safety meetings.

If you are passionate about the building process and a career in this field is of interest to you, please check out our choices for the Best Online Bachelor of Construction Management Degree Programs.

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