How long does it take to get a bachelor’s degree online?

how fast can get online degree

The biggest advantage that an online bachelor’s degree program offers is convenience. With it, you will no longer be spending time or money for a commute. Unlike attending traditional college or university, obtaining your bachelor’s degree online also lets you study while you satisfy other life obligations. A common question pertains to how long bachelors degree online programs usually take.

As with any educational feat, successfully obtaining your bachelor’s degree online does take time.  On average, it takes four years to finish an online bachelor’s degree. Strictly speaking, the length of time a student spends to get your bachelor’s degree online depends on a number of factors.

If you have had a previously completed associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the same discipline, your college credits may be taken into account. As a result, you may spend fewer years as an online student. You may also lessen your coursework load for each semester or even reduce your number of semesters altogether.

There are online bachelor’s degree programs with flexible options in terms of enrollment status. You can go for either a full-time status of 12-semester units each term or earn as little as 1 to 5 credit hours each semester. In the case of the latter, you can expect to complete your degree in over 5 years. Most online schools require their students to take at least 9 credit hours per semester but certain exceptions, such as for graduating students, apply.

Do you want to complete your online bachelor’s degree at the soonest possible time? Opt for accelerated instruction. This is a unique online degree structure in which 16-week sessions are reduced to as little as 5 weeks. It is fast-paced learning where instructors assign students a heavier load for their coursework so that more coursework material is covered for less period of time. If you are up for the accelerated instruction option, be sure you are able to set other obligations aside. Successfully accelerated online bachelor’s degree students usually graduate only after 2 years.

An important tip: Some bachelor’s degree courses are high in demand, making it difficult for students to enroll. Be sure to enroll early every semester so you can stick to your timeline.

Online degree programs are now widely accepted. Be sure that you only enroll in accredited distance education programs. This ensures you can find financial aid and that your degree will be recognized. Look at the list of accredited online bachelor’s degree programs and compare them in terms of program formats and enrollment.

Your online bachelor’s degree does not work on a standard timeline. Use this to your advantage. Check out the different instructional structures that enable you to earn your degree fast. In any of these options, however, you are expected to exhibit your commitment to stick to your academic schedule and beat deadlines.

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