What types of ministry and salary can I expect with my online Bachelor of Ministry degree?

What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in ministry? There is really not a simple answer to that question, however, to become an ordained minister, you must earn an online Bachelor of Ministry degree and then attend a seminary school to receive your Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. Depending on the church’s requirements, some students are eligible for an entry-level position with as little as a certificate diploma, although, a bachelor’s degree is preferred for a leadership position within most churches, particularly larger ones.

So, if you have already obtained your online Bachelor’s degree in Ministry, perhaps you are ready to pursue a job in the church which will allow you to gain much needed and valuable experience, and in the meanwhile, you can earn your M.Div. degree. Again, depending on your church, they will often decide within the church committees about how much responsibility they are willing to delegate to you.

Perhaps one of the most popular job titles for beginners is that of the Youth Minister, although without a doubt, a love for young people is a requirement. Youth Ministers work closely with the church’s children and teenage parishioners. Often, they are one of the church’s most valuable and influential employees due to the nature of their work. Youth Ministers are responsible for shaping the young minds of the church and are seen as role models who will inspire future leaders of the church. They must be able to effectively deliver Bible devotions or sermons that keep the student’s attention by engaging the students while also learning about the Bible. In addition, Youth Ministers lead their youth groups in volunteer, mission and outreach ministries.

An effective Youth Minister must be a good listener, excellent communicator and willing to be a friend and mentor. They must be able to conduct and organize youth social trips and activities, as well as, being creative, authoritative, energetic and enthusiastic. Often Youth Minister jobs lead to becoming a Minister.

What is the salary of a Youth Minister? That’s another hard question, as it depends solely on the church you are representing and the number of members within the congregation. Typically, if a small church has less than 50 members, a Youth Minister’s salary is about $10,500 annually. On the other end of the spectrum, larger churches with 200 to 250 members often can afford upwards of $41,000 or more per year to pay their Youth Ministers. The average church with 100 members will pay about $20,000 annually for a Youth Minister. This puts a little money in your pocket while earning your M.Div. degree, if so desired.

What other positions are available at the bachelor’s degree level? Administrative positions are often available to bachelor’s degree holders. Church Administrators take care of all church-related business including managing tithes and offerings, accounting and budgeting, as well as, managing the facility and its repairs. Administrative Assistants typically perform secretarial duties, such as, maintaining church records, ordering supplies, printing bulletins, answering phone calls and managing the church calendar and appointments. Administrative positions within the church are generally in line with those in other types of businesses, however again, actual salaries may depend on the size of the church membership.

In addition, if you are musically talented, you may want to concentrate your efforts in the area of a music ministry. A Worship Leader’s position often can be obtained with an online Bachelor of Ministry degree. Worship Leaders focus on spreading God’s Word through the form of music. They often maintain the church’s choir and are responsible for providing special music, as well as, preparing and motivating the congregation for praise. The average salary of a Worship Leader can range from between $43,000 to $56,000 or more annually, depending on the size of the church, of course.

As you can see, there are several positions where you can use your talents in ministry with your bachelor’s degree. If you would like to learn more, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Ministry Degree Programs.

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