20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems for 2019

bachelor's in computer information systems

In this immersive technology and information-focused era, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems presents a world of opportunities for students and graduates. This degree program with a distance learning option applies the practical and technical principles of computer technology to businesses and organizations.

Holders of a bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems usually land computer systems, computer support, e-commerce business, and management positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees a 12% employment rate growth for CIS managers who should possess the proficiencies required in a global business market that is highly dependent on computer systems for their operations. It is also expected of CIS professionals to demonstrate assessment, problem-solving, decision-making, and leadership skills.

Methodology Used To Determine OBD’s Picks For The Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems:

This information is based on the programs online availability and the format used, such as asynchronous, synchronous or hybrid options. Online programs must be easy to follow, as well as, provide flexibility and convenience. Each school must also have satisfactory retention rates.

Most programs provide additional services to their students; therefore, this comparative information is based on a school’s success rates regarding career counseling services, job placement rates after graduation and other essential services to ensure a student’s success, in addition to, enhancing their educational needs.

All reputable schools must adhere to proper accreditations and certain requirements for program admission. This portion of the evaluation focuses on acceptance rates and other factors that a school program must adhere to while optimizing the student’s experience.

Information is cited from the impartial and independent’s College Navigator website, as well as, research was performed specifically from each school’s website to obtain degree-specific facts and tips. In addition, information was gathered from various, highly reputable, publicly available sources ranking similar degree programs.  The voices of the students attending schools offering this degree have been weighed and retrieved from various and viable sources from the web.

We researched 20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Information System for 2019 to highlight the web-based learning options for students seeking to earn the degree with little to zero disruption to their current employment and personal commitments. For students who don’t have the time for attendance in a brick-and-mortar academic institution, the online option of the program offers the answer.

The 20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Computer Information System for 2019 showcase their program curriculum, coursework, duration of the program, degree acceleration options, and learning platforms.


DeVry University

devry university

Founded in 1931 by Herman DeVry, the DeVry University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree program that is built with Tech Core curriculum and focuses on hands-on learning experience to help prepare the students with the essentials in technology and refine their technical proficiency. The university provides seven specializations under this online degree such as Web Game Programming, Computer Forensics, Web Development & Administration, Cyber Security Programming, Software Programming, Database Management, and Information Systems Security. This 60-credit program includes technology core courses such as Programming with Lab, Business Application Programming with Lab, Database Systems & Programming Fundamentals, and Object-Orient Programming with Lab.

LeTourneau University

letourneau university

LeTourneau University is located in Longview, Texas. It has a wide selection of online degree programs in Arts & Sciences including a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. This online degree is designed to fit the students’ needs in analytical skills and technical skills. It prepares the students for a variety of professional pathways that emphasize a balanced foundation of knowledge and skills in business practices and computer information systems. This 126-credit online program includes technology core courses such as Project Management, Computer Science, Database Management, Programming for Information Systems, Web Development, and Information Security. Students can opt for an accelerated online format with course completion in just five weeks.

Saint Leo University

saint leo university

Headquartered in St. Leo, Florida, Saint Leo University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems that blends lessons in critical thinking and leadership with fundamental computer knowledge. Students focus on computer applications in business organizations and practice computer techniques in an interactive classroom with the latest state-of-the-art tools and technology. They are taught the methods to solve real-life issues involving software, design, support and management of hardware, and systems integration services. This 120-credit program includes specialized technology core courses such as Advanced Computer Skills, C/C++ Programming, Information Technology and Project Management, Computer Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, and Network Theory and Design.

California University of Pennsylvania

california univesrity of pennsylvania

The California University of Pennsylvania offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems that is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology. This online CIS program teaches leading-edge systems methodologies and information technologies. Additionally, this 61-credit online program provides a systematic overview of technology core courses including Web Programming, Introduction to Information Systems, COBOL, Application Programming, and Database Management and Design. Accelerated format is available for this program that can be completed in just 24 months.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

northwesten state university

Natchitoches, Louisiana is home to the Northwestern State University of Louisiana with an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. This online program teaches students the theoretical and practical hands-on learning experience across technology-related fundamentals such as Networking, Cloud Computing, Database, Internet Web Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Cyber Forensics, and Information Security among others. The five concentrations under the CIS online program include Networking and Systems Management, Cyber Security, Application Development, Core Programming, and Web Development.

Champlain College

champlain college

Located in Burlington, Vermont, Champlain College runs an online Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Systems program. Students pursuing a degree in the technology-related field learn basic CIS courses, general education courses, and professional courses that provide the essential knowledge and skills relevant to their career pathways. Technology core courses include Foundations of Cybersecurity, Networking Fundamentals, Enterprise Database Systems, Introduction to Computer Systems, Network Design, and Introduction to Operating Systems. These courses make up the 120-credit program required for degree completion. A Senior project is a mandatory graduation requirement in Champlain College’s CIS program.

Saint Louis University

saint louis university

Saint Louis University has a School of Professional Studies that offers the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS). It is an online degree that prepares students for advanced IT-related studies in the rapidly-changing field of computer science and information systems. This 120-credit program helps graduates analyze a problem as well as recognize and outline the computing requirements appropriate to address concerns and issues relevant to the discipline. The program has three concentrations, namely Information Security & Assurance, Data Analytics, and Healthcare Information Systems.

Florida Institute of Technology

florida institute of technology

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and the Schools Commission on Colleges, the Florida Institute of Technology offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems that combines management and leadership principles with computer information systems curriculum. Students will learn database concepts, programming, network theory and design, information systems management, and systems analysis and design. Students gain practical experience across areas of studies and formats. They deal with decision-making concepts such as probability and risk-taking and learn to prepare business packages in the field of linear programming and forecasting. Students need to have 124-credit hours to complete the online CIS degree at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Regis University

regis university

Established in Denver, Colorado, Regis University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems that is career-focused. In imparting CIS knowledge to students, online instructors ensure that learners gain knowledge in technology-related theories and experience hands-on learning through coursework that involves software development and applications, enterprise systems, business process management, and business analytics. This 120-credit program helps students analyze IT initiatives that will impact the organization’s long-term and short-term business goals and improve their current systems and business processes. The CIS courses at Regis are offered in an 8-week accelerated format. A capstone project is required for students to graduate with the degree.

Davenport University

davenport university

Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to Davenport University that offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. Students have the option to choose five concentrations such as Secure Software Development Specialty, Web & Mobile Development Specialty, Programming Specialty, Secure Coding Specialty, and Database & Analytics Specialty. Davenport’s BS in Computer Information Systems is designed to provide students with a wide range of computer programming skills through an integrated hands-on learning experience and state-of-the-art technologies. The 120-credit program provides performance-based skills and capabilities essential to designing, implementing, testing, and evaluating system software and computer applications.

Post University

post university

Post University is in Waterbury, Connecticut. It offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems to students who are interested in becoming a world-class problem-solvers in their IT careers. This program has three concentrations, namely Networking, Cybersecurity, and Software Development that students can freely choose to add marketability and enhance their skills by pursuing their specialization. Students experience real-world work during internships at notable companies like Ford Motor Company, as well as local computer corporations and U.S. government sectors. In this 120-credit program, students develop extensive knowledge in managing and projecting trends in Information Technology in the local and global scenes. They become proficient in the areas of computing and mathematics, professional, ethical, legal & security issues and responsibilities, and computer-based processes, systems, and programs and components.

Walden University

Walden University

Walden University, an educational institution headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems that prepares students for a successful career in the fast-growing market of information systems and technology. This online CIS program takes about 48 months to be completed and requires students to earn a total of 181 credits. This program offers three concentrations, namely Healthcare Informatics, Web & Mobile Applications Design, and Information Systems Management. However, students can only take the General Program without having to pick a concentration.

Strayer University

strayer university

With several certifications by the National Security Agency’s Committee on National Security Systems, Strayer University has a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems that develops students’ business knowledge, technical expertise, and interpersonal skills. The proficiencies allow students to resolve a variety of IT-related challenges, implement new information systems, and write technology policies. A Strayer BSIS degree prepares the students to deploy, manage, and create information systems with the opportunity to work in a range of platforms, deployment environments, and devices. Students can choose from eight concentrations, namely Geographic Information Systems Management, Computer Forensic Management, Technology Management, Cybersecurity Management, Software Engineering Management, Enterprise Data Management, IT Project Management, and Homeland Security Management.

Monroe College

monroe college

Monroe College houses the School of Information Technology that offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems online. The program’s objective is to help students grow in the four essential areas of the discipline, namely certifications, technical skills, industry experience, and business skills. Students gain computer skills and learn how to adapt to a rapidly changing technology platform by collaborating with other students and working with experienced IT professionals. This 123-credit program at Monroe College molds students to become a successful Data Analyst, Database Administrator, Software Engineer, Project Manager, Systems Engineer, and Cyber Security and Forensic Specialist, among others.

Dakota State University

dakota state university

The Center of Excellence in Information Systems at Dakota State University in Madison, South Dakota offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems online program. This program prepares students in specific jobs, including in the application and development of Information Technology-related tools and concepts in education, business, government, and other industries. The CIS technologies consist of five main components, namely data, hardware, software, people, and procedures. Students acquaint themselves with the techniques and methodologies to gather, store, and process chunks of data into useful information.  Through this 120-credit program, students learn systems development software, programming languages, database development & management tools, and project management software.

Bellevue University

bellevue university

Bellevue, Nebraska houses the Bellevue University that offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems that prepares the students a broad range of IT-related careers and provide a strong foundation to pursue advanced studies. This 127-credit program combines the study of management of information systems, databases & information systems, and computer programming. Students can choose in four (4) concentrations namely Networking, Applications Development, Cybersecurity, and Business Intelligence to further enhance their expertise. Additionally, Bellevue offers a Bachelor of Arts And Science in Computer Information Systems for the corporate students, with 120-credit hours needed to complete the program.

Franklin University

franklin university

Columbus, Ohio is home to Franklin University that has an online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. This web-based bachelor’s program is designed for professionals who seek in-depth knowledge on the benefits of information technology to organizations. Students learn about improvising strategic methodologies, operations, and support decision-making fundamentals. Franklin’s BS Information Systems degree online is offered in two concentrations, namely Project Management and Analytics. The program combines both levels that readily increase a student’s marketability and allows them to learn a wide range of technology-related capabilities. This 124-credit program has core technology courses such as business analysis, agile project management, analytics, requirements definition, technical communication, and data and information modeling.

City University of Seattle

city university of seattle

City University of Seattle’s Bachelor of Science in Information Systems is a fully accredited online program that exposes students to the fields of education, government, homeland security, business, and healthcare. This online Information Systems degree prepares the students with cutting-edge technology jobs working with database systems, network administration, operating systems, and other components of computer information systems. The 180-credit program of City University’s IS degree produces successful professional across a variety of professional jobs as a Quality Assurance Manager, Business Analyst, Database Specialist, Web Designer/Developer, and Computer Programmer to name a few.

National University

national university

Established in La Jolla, California, the National University has 100+ on-campus and online degree programs including a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. This program includes core IT coursework such as project management, database administration, data communications, health information management, and computer forensics to name a few. Students get the opportunity to gain the necessary skills for planning, coordinating, and supervising computer-related processes and activities in different industries and sectors. Students must complete 180-credit hours to earn a BSIS at the National University. They also have the option to choose an Academic Program Director-approved concentration in either Information Management or Business Management.

Baker College

baker college

Baker College in Michigan offers three concentrations in online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems namely Information Systems – Concentrations in Assurance Specialist, Information Systems – Concentrations in Project Management, and Information Systems – Concentrations in Web Development. All concentrations need 120-credit hours for completion of the online bachelor’s degree. Baker College’s Information Systems degree is specially designed to integrate general business and management fundamentals with expertise in computer information systems. Computer information systems’ core courses include web development, project management, programming languages, network administration, and security processes.


What does the online coursework of Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems typically consist of?

The Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems is one of the most popular and competitive degrees in the market. Students who are aspiring IT and programming professionals typically take 120 credits and will need at least 2-4 years to complete their degree. The online coursework of the online CIS program generally consists of general education requirements and concentration courses. In addition to the general education courses, introductory core IT courses in database, programming languages, and data algorithms are usually part of the program curriculum. The most common subjects and classes include Software Engineering, Information Theory, Data Structures, Introduction to Computer Information Systems, Systems Operations, Data Communication, and Computer Networking among others.

Does a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems degree lead to job positions that require licensure and certification?

Certifications are primarily important in the fields of Computer Information Systems to add marketability. Depending on your chosen career path, specific certifications may be required. These certifications include Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE), CompTIA A+ Technician, Cisco Certified Network Association, CompTIA Network+, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Management, and Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control to name a few of the highest-earning certification in the Information Technology field. As you advance in your studies or career, certifications may be required to make you a competent candidate in the tough job market.

What career prospects can holders of a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems degree expect?

Individuals who earn an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree can pursue a wide selection of professional pathways. They can actively work in businesses where they assess and implement technology solutions. A BS in Computer Information Systems degree prepares students for careers in industries such as healthcare, software development, global consulting, e-commerce, and network administration. A CIS degree holder can land jobs as Cybersecurity Specialist, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, and Project Manager.

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