15 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Corrections for 2019

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Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Corrections programs vary across distance learning institutions. Different factors affect a school’s curriculum. Some programs allow Corrections majors to choose or customize their specialization. They can either specialize in homeland security, social justice, crime mapping, forensics, and community-based corrections. These will further distinguish graduates as they enter the workforce after completing the degree.


The criminal justice system is a vital aspect of all civilized societies. It is comprised of a set of legal and social institutions for enforcing criminal laws within the bounds of procedural rules and restrictions. In the United States, the criminal justice system is separate from the federal, the state, and the military. There are also a different systems for adults and juvenile delinquents. As we sift through the entire criminal justice system, we will see that it is further composed of several major subsystems. This includes public instrumentalities and their staff, such as the police and other law enforcement agencies, the courts, parole agencies, custodial institutions, and the department of corrections. Issues such as youth corrections and the policies that govern the system are only a few topics that bachelor’s in corrections tackle.

Undergraduate students pursuing an online undergraduate degree in Corrections explore the complex and crucial issues that affect criminal justice. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) sees an inevitable decline in job openings for corrections professionals of about 7% between 2016 and 2026. There is a constant demand for corrections professionals as jailers and bailiffs in the country. To ensure the safety and order during trials and in correction facilities, professionals are hired by the government and private sectors. They are an indispensable part of the criminal justice system.



As an undergraduate degree, Corrections remains to be a wise choice for a college major as it goes against the crowded field of applicants in passé fields of study. Here, we rounded up the 15 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Corrections for 2019 highlighting the programs offered online by top-rated colleges and universities across the country. Our list puts the spotlight on the features of each online Bachelor’s in Corrections degree including program structure, coursework, course concentration and specialty, internships, program duration, and transfer credit programs.

Because online students value accessibility and affordability, we feature the online learning platform and tuition rates as may be disclosed by the academic institution. We also focus on the career opportunities and possible career paths that await graduates of the online Bachelor’s in Corrections programs, among other components, such as:

  • 100% Online format availability,
  • Financial Aid options; providing Grant and Scholarship opportunities,
  • Provides concentration options in the field of Corrections and Criminal Justice, such as, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Policing, Homeland Security, Terrorism and many others,
  • Rewarding career options offering fulfilling and meaningful work promoting neighborhood safety and criminal justice,
  • Prepares students for graduate work in Corrections,
  • Comprehensive coursework designed to encourage all viewpoints within all aspects of the criminal justice system,
  • Properly Regionally Accredited,
  • Can also be awarded as a minor degree, if desired.

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University of Massachusetts- Lowell

Fully Online Bachelor’s in Corrections, Bachelor of Criminal Justice

umass lowell

The University of Massachusetts in Lowell offers a fully online bachelor’s in corrections, Bachelor of Criminal Justice. It emphasizes a strong concentration in professional courses while assuring that graduates are well-rounded, exposing them to liberal arts education. Students are presented with a history of the Criminal Justice System as well as the structure it follows and the functions it fulfills. The curriculum encompasses the study and relationship between the various institutions and departments necessary for maintaining the safety of the country.

After completing the 120-credit hours required for the program, students are expected to have the expertise to examine the components of the different levels of the criminal justice system and facilitate the implementation of criminal laws and regulations. Students can opt to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, as well as a Master’s degree.

Park University

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

park university
Park University delivers an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, a program that exposes students to a comprehensive approach to criminal justice. The degree adopts a modern professional curriculum that prepares students to a demanding field of criminal justice and related fields. It is a fully online degree requiring 120 credit hours. Students of the program may choose to concentrate on law enforcement, security, or corrections. The extensive curriculum covers topics, including probation and parole, criminal procedure, community corrections, criminal law, and agency administration, among others. Take advantage of the five start dates, and the transferrable credits the Park offers.

Eastern Kentucky University

Online Bachelor in Corrections and Juvenile Studies

The Bachelor in Corrections and Juvenile Studies is a program devoted to educating students to become experts in adult services and juvenile justice. Under Eastern Kentucky University’s (EKU) Corrections Department, the fully online curriculum does not require any on-campus requirement. Students can communicate with their professors and peers via online messaging, emails, and discussion boards. During the eight-week term, online EKU students have the flexibility to pursue the number of credit hours they complete. Focusing on rehabilitation and applying proven practices in criminal justice, EKU Corrections graduates are professionals prepared to rehabilitate adults and juvenile offenders.

Lindenwood University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice

lindenwood university

Lindenwood University offers Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice under the Criminology and Criminal Justice Department. The online degree prepares students for intensive criminal justice and corrections professions. With a generalist bachelor of arts degree or a specified degree from Linwood, graduates are skilled corrections professionals. Choose among the available concentrations – legal studies, probation and parole corrections, juvenile corrections, and law enforcement. A unique feature offered by the department Is the concentration for law enforcement with an option to enter the police academy.

The BA degree requires 51 credit hours, with a 27 hours requirement from the core group. Additionally, students are required to take 24 credit hours of elective courses. Explore the criminal justice system of the country, and analyze the fundamentals and extent of illegal activities in the United States.

Brandman University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

brandman university

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Brandman University puts emphasis on the scientific study criminals, and their behaviors, especially in different social settings. Students enrolled in the program explore the psychological profiles behind known criminals. They can choose to pursue a generalist degree (BA) or opt for a specialization in corrections, leadership, victim advocacy, or homeland security. Brandman also offers the criminal justice degree as a minor, allowing students to have a broader prospect concerning career opportunities.

Graduates are expected to understand the justice system through different viewpoints and become leaders in policing and forwarding victim advocacy.

Regent University

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Corrections

Regent University follows an eight-week course session for their Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Corrections. It is a fully online curriculum centered on the university’s Christian worldview, which prepares students for the complex issues of juvenile justices, criminal law, criminal procedural, and the fundamental aspects of the criminal justice system. The program follows an extensive curriculum with an emphasis on ethics, juvenile delinquency, and in analyzing the elements of the American legal and justice system. Regent accepts up to 90 transfer credits from a previous college or university.

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree with a concentration in Corrections

southern new hampshire university

The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree with a concentration in Corrections from the Southern New Hampshire University will elevate graduates’ chance of becoming seasoned professionals in the field. Aside from Corrections, the university offers six other concentrations, namely, Criminology, Homeland Security & Counterterrorism, Human Services, Legal Studies & Advocacy, and Police Administration & Operations.

Corrections students gain a foundation in the fundamental subjects in criminal justice, including the policies, laws, and regulations that govern the country’s criminal justice. Completion of 120-credit hours is required for students to graduate, as well as a culminating capstone experience.

Lee University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Lee University’s Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice provides students with an overview of crime and punishment in the country. It persists to acquaint students with theories in criminal justice as well as the application of justice. Students are involved in community engagements, by investing in research projects dedicated to analyzing crime rates and frequency and eventually towards crime prevention. You may choose to specialize in Corrections and Criminology and Juvenile Justice. Through Lee’s online BA in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Corrections, students complete a 120-credit curriculum with a required 15 credits of religious instruction. Graduates of the university’s Criminal Justice programs become ethical corrections professionals.

North Carolina Central University

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

north carolina central university

North Carolina Central University (NCCU) online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is certified by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) and is committed to providing students with the in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system. Additionally, the degree provides an overview of the roles various agencies, personnel and the history behind the system that governs the country’s criminal justice. Students are required to take core courses in criminal justice and will choose from either Law Enforcement, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, or Computer Forensics as a concentration. However, before moving forward with the required coursework in the corrections concentration, students need to successfully comply with the requirements in the core courses in criminal justice.

NCCU ensures that graduates of the program are equipped with real-world experiences before engaging in the challenging world of criminal justice.

Tiffin University

Online Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Corrections

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Corrections from Tiffin University stands as the backbone of the American justice system. Students learn to emphasize rehabilitation, safety, and advocacy as they are reiterated in the university’s program. They are reminded to maintain exemplary conduct in every aspect of the profession. With a curriculum that focuses on the relationship of the field of corrections to the broad, interdependent criminal justice system. Moreover, students are taught always to view offenders as equally damaged, and focus on their rehabilitation through community supervision, and engaging them in community socialization.

Tiffin University students learn the foundational knowledge of the country’s criminal justice system. At the same time, the curriculum follows a holistic approach of the program and integrates liberal arts courses in the rigid coursework.

Montana State University-Northern

Online Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice

montana state university northern

Distance learners of Montana State University-Northern who are aiming to work in the corrections industry have the opportunity to avail of Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. Gain a well-rounded education that will prepare you for a diverse and challenging field of corrections. Graduates can enter the police force, get employed in adult and juvenile corrections, and even homeland security. MSU-Northern’s criminal justice program is offered entirely online through the university’s Desire2Learn platform. Graduates are exposed to a comprehensive and engaging curriculum, which emphasizes courses in criminal law, criminology, law enforcement, corrections, and policy and procedure. Complete the extensive 33-credit general education, and 42-credit core courses curriculum to graduate from the program.

New England College

Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Institutional and Community-Based Corrections

If you are aiming to engage in community-based corrections policies and regulations, the New England College (NEC) offers that specialization. NEC’s Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a concentration in institutional and community-based corrections is offered entirely online and with flexible start dates. The specialization puts a premium on both the legal and policy-driven programs initiated to assist locals who are reentering society after serving their time.

Students of the program are highly exposed to the methodologies and proven techniques used to aid individuals who are having difficulty with transitioning back to society. They serve as a buffer for those individuals, and gaining the foundational understanding of the current probation and parole systems puts graduates at an advantage. The program follows a seven-week session and can be completed in four years.

The University of Maine at Fort Kent

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration with available specializations in Game Warden, Forensics, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security/Emergency Management, and Corrections

university of maine at fort kent

The University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK) offers a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration with available specializations in Game Warden, Forensics, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security/Emergency Management, and Corrections. The concentration in corrections covers the pressing issue of identification and investigation of public safety. Students who choose to concentrate on either corrections or criminal justice can pursue a career as a police officer, corrections officer, customs agents, or border patrol agent. In addition to a rigorous program, students are required to complete at least one internship before graduation. UMFk partners with various federal agencies, such as the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, and the Maine Emergency Management Agency for internship opportunities.  Graduates are well-rounded and prepared for the challenging world of the criminal justice system.

Bemidji State University

Online Undergraduate Completion Program in Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

bemidji state university

For returning students, Bemidji State University (BSU) offers an undergraduate completion program in Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. The program encourages students to complete their criminal justice degree and pursue a fulfilling career in corrections, victimology, tribal justice, or law enforcement, whichever they choose to specialize in. As a degree completion program, students take about two years to complete the curriculum. However, student applicants must have completed 24 credits from a previous college or institution. This will allow them to participate in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) program, and have them earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Adams State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Criminology Emphasis

adams state university

Adams State University (ASU) has designed a unique bachelors in corrections program with a specific sociological approach. ASU’s Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Criminology Emphasis requires students to take a minimum of 12-credit hours in criminology, the justice system, juvenile delinquency, and correctional system. The program has an internship requirement, on top of the 120 in total credit hours that is part of its curriculum. Transferable credits, as well as life experiences, are accepted in the university.



online bachelors in corrections criminal justice

What is Criminal Justice?

online bachelors in corrections criminal justice

Criminal justice is the field of academic study dedicated to the analysis and systematic approach of the criminal justice system, including police, courts, and corrections. It aims to analyze the nature of the web of agencies and departments that man the criminal justice system in the country. Further, it persists to determine the crime rate and statistics to strengthen crime prevention initiatives further. Also, criminal justice is an ideal foundation for graduate studies, including law, public administration, law enforcement, corrections agencies, probation and parole, and various non-profit service organizations.

How long does it take to earn the Bachelor’s in Corrections degree?

online bachelors in corrections criminal justice

Completion time depends on the curriculum, but it usually takes four years to finish the degree. Depending on the number of hours you are transferring in from another accredited institution, you can shorten graduation by a considerable amount of time.


Who is the Bachelor’s degree in Corrections program for?

online bachelors in corrections criminal justice

The bachelor of criminal justice with an emphasis in corrections is designed for students and dedicated learners who are driven to understand the inner workings of criminal offenders. Furthermore, the degree emphasizes the need to assist criminal offenders who are transitioning back to society after serving their time in a corrections facility. Graduates are equipped to handle the dynamic and demanding nature of the profession. They become expert corrections professionals who play a crucial role in the largest, and arguably, the most critical facet of the criminal justice system.

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