What are the most lucrative careers in the field of Biology?

For some, a career in the field of biology means pursuing a genuine love for the subject. They eat, drink and live everything related to biological science. For others, money is the name of the game and along with an interest in science, they might be more concerned about what a particular career pays before making a commitment.

As most are motivated by potential earning salaries, fortunately, the field of biology can be most lucrative to all. Some of the most common career choices, within the field of biology, pay very well, such as, Clinical Project Managers, Research Engineers or Senior Product Development Scientists. Other prominent positions in biology may include a Geophysicist or a Biochemist/Biophysicist, with an earning potential of over $100,000 annually. But keep in mind, as your online Bachelor’s degree in Biology is great and wonderful, it is only a stepping stone to bigger and better things, such as earning your master’s and PhD degrees, in addition to, increased earnings.

Perhaps one of the most lucrative biology-related careers to consider is that of the Geophysicist. If you have an interest in the world we live in and the Earth’s physical properties, then this career is the one for you. They are often hired by oil industries, governmental and environmental protection agencies to conduct research through field and lab work. Geophysicist study the Earth’s composition, in addition to, our atmosphere, oceans and the gravitational, electrical and magnetic fields that surround it. Through research and exploration, a Geophysicist helps to locate natural resources, such as ground water and petroleum. They often are asked to determine earthquake probabilities and evaluate ones that have occurred.

In addition to an online Bachelor’s degree in Biology, one interested in geophysics may also want to consider coursework in geoscience, geology, mineralogy, chemistry, physics or engineering. Extensive mathematics classes are a must. You must also be proficient in computer skills, such as GPS data systems and digital mapping. Other helpful coursework can include paleontology, climatology, environmental geochemistry and oceanography.

Although you can locate an entry-level position with your bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree with several years of work experience is often required to advance for an optimum salary. Salaries can range from between $51,083 and $178,046 annually, with an average of $89,700 per year.  Geophysicist jobs are expected to increase by 10% between now and 2024. A career as a Geophysicist can take you to new and exciting places around the world, often to remote areas of foreign countries.

If your interest lies within the realm of living organisms, another lucrative career choice for you might be a Biochemist or Biophysicist. With your online Bachelor’s degree in Biology, working as an assistant will allow for valuable on-the-job experience. Biochemists/Biophysicists analyze the chemical and physical processes of living things. They often work to develop new drugs and medical technology to improve or save lives. You may be asked to work with dangerous organisms or toxins in hopes of identifying and curing diseases.

In these positions, you will be expected to write grant proposals as an important aspect of your work. You will work in the lab setting as you combine your knowledge of physics with biology. The typical salary for those with graduate degrees can range from between $87,640 to upwards of $145,000 annually, with an 8% job growth rate between now and 2024.

Everyone should follow their dreams and pursue a career that makes them happy, however, if you can make a lucrative salary, too, then… all the better. If you would like to learn more, please see our list of the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Biology Programs. Good luck!

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