What would be a good minor to earn in addition to my online Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree?

As you begin completing job applications after graduation, you may notice that employers are interested in students who have that extra “it” factor. That could mean that internship work experience is what will give you a competitive edge above other applicants or they could be looking for those that have a minor degree to complement their online Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree. A great way to add some attraction and dimension to your resumé is to earn a related minor.

Hopefully, at this point, you probably have a career goal in mind. If so, choose a minor that will enhance your future endeavors and interest. Your future career opportunities could depend on it. However, if you are not sure which direction your career is headed, then we will take a look at a few options that could be beneficial in most any field you choose.

As we all know, in today’s society, employers expect their prospective employees to be computer-savvy, no doubt. As everything these days is completed primarily online, you may want to consider a minor in Information Technology (IT). These types of classes can prepare you for duties in technical support, database management, web applications, as well as, in systems administration, all of which, combined with your BBA degree, will make you an invaluable employee. Also, a minor degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) will assist you in solving business related problems, as well. Today’s employers appreciate candidates who specialize in MIS or IT, compared to those with a more generalized business degree.

If you plan to use your online Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in the healthcare industry, a minor in Healthcare Policy and Administration would be a nice complement, although this minor may limit you to only health-related job prospects. As the healthcare industry has some of the fastest growing business opportunities available due to recent changes in legislature, the skills taught in general business courses are similar, however, are used in healthcare, as well. A minor in this subject covers accounting and finance, in addition to, management and healthcare planning, regulations and the technology used in the healthcare system today.

Many positions in the realm of Business Administration involves the act of promoting and selling a product or service, therefore, a minor in Marketing is worth the time and effort. In this program you will learn valuable skills in communication and you will learn about the creative process for print or web design. In a Marketing degree program, you will learn about the art of “making the sale,” and about supply and demand. Similarly, a minor in Advertising and Promotions, Public Relations or Journalism are also a beneficial complement to your BA degree.

A minor degree in Accounting or Finance can only help your resumé. As Business Administration’s main focus is to oversee the financial success of a business, an Accounting or Finance minor will teach you a more in-depth understanding of the two, therefore, putting you a cut above the rest, if seeking a job working with numbers.

In combination with your online Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree, you may also like to consider a minor in Human Resources. They, too, must be knowledgeable in the foundations of general business principles, as well as, how to resolve employee disputes or resolve discrimination or harassment conflicts. They oversee the hiring process, in addition to, the termination process. They are often responsible for benefit programs such as, vacation, sick days and insurance options, along with, payroll and tax deadlines.

Selecting a minor to go with your BBA degree is a personal choice that you should consider very carefully. It enables a student to customize their programs based on their interests, personality and career goals. In addition, please consider the economic growth of your future career goals, as well, when choosing a minor, to ensure a prosperous future.

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