What career and salary can I earn with an online Bachelor’s degree in Biology?

Although you may obtain a career in biology through the educational value of an online bachelor’s degree program, many biology-based careers require a master’s or doctorate degree level of study. For example, if you wish to pursue a career as a researcher or educator, you will find that earning your graduate degree will lead to awesome career opportunities.

As the field of biology is broad, so are the many opportunities for employment. The field of biology can be found in careers related to hospitals, universities, zoos, State and Federal Government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, as well as, biotech firms and in the food processing industry, just to name a few. You can also find careers in marketing, publishing, journalism, sales or within the legal system.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports a projected job growth of 4–10% between now and 2024, depending on your area of expertise. Below we will address a few options that you may want to consider when choosing a career path.

Medical Lab Technicians are needed in a variety of applications, however, most commonly, they are hired to conduct experiments or obtain test results for medical facilities or for other biological scientists and researchers. They must be certified or licensed to work closely with blood, cell, tissue or other bodily fluids. Although a degree through your online Bachelor’s degree in Biology will allow for an entry-level position in this field, you may need a graduate degree to obtain an advanced position. The typical salary for this position is $50,930 annually.

As a Zoo and Wildlife Biologist, you can expect a salary of about $60,520 per year. In this position, you can study and observe the natural habits of animals within their ecosystems. They also study the impact that humans have on an animal’s natural habitat. A Zoologist may choose to study a specific species or a group of animals or the physical characteristics, behavior and diets of all animals and wildlife.

If the popular crime scene investigative television shows are your cup of tea, perhaps a career as a Forensic Science Technician is of interest to you. In this career choice, you will be tasked with collecting and analyzing forensic evidence from crime scenes. Participating and helping to solve criminal investigations can be one of the most rewarding careers in biology. The typical salary for this position is approximately $56,750 annually. Perhaps a strong stomach is a major job requirement in this career choice!

A Microbiologist is responsible for collecting and analyzing microorganisms, such as fungi, parasites, viruses and bacteria. They study how organisms grow and interact with humans and our surroundings. The general salary for a Microbiologist is approximately $66,850 per year, depending on experience and educational degree. To advance, a graduate degree may be required.

If you would prefer to work in the field of biology, but maybe behind the scenes (meaning no contact with bodily fluids,) consider a career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. As equally rewarding as other biological careers, a representative in this aspect will help others by providing healthcare facilities, physicians and drug wholesalers with pharmaceutical products for prospective clients or patients, whether by means of new life-changing drugs or life-saving medical equipment. With a 7% increase in job growth, the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative can expect to earn upwards of $75,000 annually, with experience.

There are many other career concentrations to consider, as well. If you are interested in pursuing an exciting career in the amazing field of science, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Biology Programs that we have compiled for your convenience and review.

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