What topics of specialization should I consider while earning my online Bachelor of Biology degree?

Were you an inquisitive child? Were you the little girl who insisted that they would someday be a veterinarian? Or, were you the little boy who wanted to be a doctor when they grew up? Science is present in our lives from day one. As we grew, so did our interests in how life works. We were curious about the pets we loved, how our own bodies functioned or about the life cycle of the plants, sea life and the wildlife around us.

Some of us knew from an early age where our true passion lies, however, if not, at some point in your studies you will want to choose an area to focus upon. There is an abundance of concentrations within the field of biology. It is a very diverse subject that provides a wide array of specializations and career opportunities. Below are a few concentrations to consider.

The study of human biology is considered an umbrella term for several other classifications such as, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, anatomy, anthropology, ecology, epidemiology and neurobiology, just to name a few. For example, biochemistry involves the chemical process involved within living organisms. Physiology is the branch of science that relates to the normal functions of a living organism and their parts. The science of epidemiology deals with disease and other health related factors.

Animal biology, also known as zoology, is the branch of science that brings a focus to all principles and challenges relating to animals. You may also choose, within this specialization, to concentrate on marine biology, fisheries or wildlife biology, or if you are not afraid of the creepy crawly, perhaps, entomology – if the study of insects is of interest to you.

Are you interested in molecular biology? This branch of science can cover a broad array of specialties, as well. It involves the study of the molecular make-up of various cell systems in living organisms. This field includes the study of DNA, proteins and biosynthesis and their functions.

While earning your online Bachelor of Biology degree, you may also choose to focus on evolutionary biology; the study of how life evolved by exploring the relationship between organisms and their ecosystems. It examines the time period and characteristics involved while a change is developing.

You can study bioinformatics through a program in computational biology. With exceptional mathematical and computer science skills, you can create and perfect effective ways to organize, store, retrieve and analyze biological information.

Do you have an interest in journalism, as well as, science? As a science writer, you can present exciting discoveries from current researchers through publications in journals and magazines. Often, those who are not “science-minded” need help understanding new revelations in science, in layman’s terms.

After completing your online Bachelor’s degree in Biology, you may choose to transition into a medical career, such as nursing, dentistry, veterinarian or as a physician. Within the legal field, individuals with a biology background may also be interested in working for the police department as a forensic scientist or consultant.

When choosing a concentration, pick one that you love and truly have a passion for. After all, if you are making it your lifelong career, you should enjoy every minute of it! If you are interested in this field, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Biology programs.

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