What types of art can I specialize in with my online Bachelor of Art degree?

While touching on many topics within your online Bachelor of Art History degree program, you may find that there is a particular aspect of art history that interests you the most. If so, depending on your program, you may have the opportunity to choose a concentration in which you would like to pursue a career. Below are a few suggestions to consider.

Western Art: Explains how culture has changed over time through traditions; spanning prehistory through medieval times, primarily covering the region of western Europe.

Asian Art: Focuses on the study of ancient Chinese art with an emphasis on Buddhist, Indian and Himalayan influences.

Renaissance Art: Refers to paintings, murals, decorative arts, pottery, mosaics and sculptures of European history from 1400 to the Early Modern age. Most renaissance art was commissioned by rich families and nobles.

Modern & Contemporary Art: Modern art refers to the art of the 20th – 21st century, as Contemporary Art often includes all aspects of eclectic and abstract art, such as pop art and expressionism.

Latin American Art: A specific study of art originating or focusing on the artistic stylings of South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Portraiture: Focuses on drawings or artistic portrayals primarily of people; attempts to capture the personality and demeanor of the subject.

Baroque Art: Represents European art from the early 17th century till the late 18th century; exhibits very extravagant and ornate styles of art, music and architecture.

Rococo Art: Represented the last portion of the European 18th century baroque movement; displayed asymmetry, illusion, as well as, theatrics, gilding and the use of pastels.

Impressionism: Beginning in France, in the 1860’s, artists began to paint pictures of everyday life or landscapes. These were painted as seen by the artist’s eyes, as their impression of their subject.  Without a doubt, your online Bachelor of Art History degree program will emphasize the importance of this type of artistry.

Digital Art: If you are interested in a more recent form of art perhaps digital art is for you. In this form, creative art is produced by using digital technology.

18th & 19th Century Art: Brought on the idea of “Romanticism” focusing on imagination and emotion through art. This art form focused on nature and its relationship to mankind producing landscapes that became popular in the era.

Medieval Art: This type of art was used in many applications, however, mostly in religious settings as wall and ceiling art, sculptures, mosaics, stained glass and metalwork.

If you have an interest in architecture and art, why not combine the two and concentrate on Art in Architecture? Art is esthetically pleasing to the eye and creates a meaningful experience. So wait, is architecture considered to be an art form? You decide!

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